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  1. Cheers must be my monitor as on display settings that is the recommended resolution and is fine Tried changing resolution in games.dat to 1440 x 900 and audio still splutters and races ahead of the video in lo / basic lo - fine in hi, but stutters However, good news is that overlay you posted works a treat - I was looking in all the .singe files to see if I could change font size somehow, but this is 100% working. The audio on that video is fine as well on hi, no crackling. To be honest, more than happy with that as far better resolution than on my old Daphne set-up You da man
  2. Hey pal - thought would give one more go before bed lol Got a bit further - not sure what I did! I think I double clicked Singe and Singe32 AFTER I copied and pasted the folders in - maybe Anyway Menu does not work without amendments. Cliff loads and I can see the menu-attract playing inside the cabinet (very neat) the audio jumping ahead still happening and the stuttering One main thing, other games I put inside the Singe folder, i.e Platoon, not showing in the Menu when I scroll - just Cliff Hanger, but if Menu.bat amended from Singe\Script\menu.singe to just Singe/menu.singe, all my other games show - apart from Cliff Hanger
  3. Thanks Karis, agree very very strange, trust me, tried loads of different things too. Downloaded loads of different Cliff Hanger MP4's also lol Should have said on those first above bat's, there is already a menu.singe in that folder and also another menu.singe in Singe\Script. I also moved the arcade.mp4 into Singe\ to get it to run Double checked - audio races ahead of video on lo / basic lo, ok on hi - 100% this happens. Even in the intro, when the line about the princess marrying someone she cant stand, the video is of the car in the tunnel One MP4 that works fine with no crackles even when on hi has a size of 1,150,779 KB. Only problem is that the lives icons and action words are really large here - not full screen resolution like the others however and so doesnt look as good, but plays ok I will re-try with different resolutions Win 10 64bit AMD Athlon II x 4 640 Processor 3ghz
  4. Ok. Downloaded Singe link I have C: Singe and in this folder, Blank folder, data folder and Singe folder (holding Media and Script) plus controls.cfg and FreeSansBold and .bat files I put the Cliff folder in C: Singe (10 folders plus Cliff.singe and controls.cfg) games.dat in Menu folder I have not double clicked Singe or Singe32.exe - is that correct? I then double click Menu.bet does not load, black screen then back to desktop??? @start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Singe/Media/Movie/arcade.mp4 Singe/Script/menu.singe Deleting -k, -z, -w and -d opens up a window with "Kangaroo Punch Studios Proudly Presents! then the Singe logo, then black screen and back to the desktop I tried a few different resolutions on my desktop but made no difference Tried just copying the Singe and Singe32.exe over, double clicked and states created file x 6 (Singe\Framework, controls, Menu. FreeSansBold, menubackground and Menu.bat) This is the old Menu.bat of course - click it and loads up Singe fine. However when I copy it over with Menu.bat from your file download it states Error - unable to locate Script. So I copy and paste Media and Script folders from your downloaded files into my Singe folder I click on Menu again, quick flash of laserdisc and magnifying glass, black screen and back to desktop If the Menu.bat is amended to @start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Singe/arcade.mp4 Singe/menu.singe it loads up the new desktop, spinning discs of the games on the right, green arcade machine on the left Also loads up if I use @start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Media/Movie/arcade.mp4 Script/menu.singe It is like it won't load up the menu if there is an extra folder in the address line for menu.singe??? Not sure why The loading tune for Singe very crackly here - not so on the old menu However the Cliff.bat does load however - audio stutters but ok on Lo, however the audio speeds ahead of the video on this setting (appears to be ok on hi)
  5. Sure. I only have one monitor and my resolution settings I presently use are 1440 x 900
  6. Hey man - no rush at all. Good news I have it working now. The 4:3 ratio works fine, no audio splutter. Only problem is some of the first letters cut out at the end of the Level (shows evel) due to resolution (I tried changing the games.dat resolution but no joy) Other mp4 of Cliff Hanger, resolution perfect, was some audio crackles, but amended to basic lo and much better. However the audio plays faster than the video (plays the millions / trillions line as soon as you get to the first car scene pretty much) and checked the intro, mentions the wedding well before the scene plays
  7. I saved some of the old Cliff movie files and one that does play without any crackles / audio problems (although loading screen of Singe still crackles) is the 4:3 resolution one, although screen is quite zoomed in with lives icons and actions really large on screen - but does appear to work plus audio and video fine Tried messing around with resolution in games.dat but after you complete the first level, the first letter is missing on the screen for Level, Completion ,etc - so appears like evel, ompletion The others using basic-low - speech improved, not as crackly and the resolution perfect. However the audio is ahead of the video on these - not sure how to fix that? I tried deleting the index and data files to see if would fix but no
  8. Ok, tried again Extracted your dir into my C: drive Again none of the Menu's load (Menu1080 - unable to locate script) When I right click / edit Menu it reads: @start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Singe/Media/Movie/arcade.mp4 Singe/Script/menu.singe Checked those folders and those are there, so why will it not load? There is a menu.script and the menuBackground (like in my old Singe folder) in the Singe/Singe folder (which also holds Media and Script) the old Singe Menu loads if amended to: @start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Singe/menuBackground.mkv Singe/menu.singe But if I copy and paste arcade.mp4 from Singe\Media\Movies and menu.singe from Singe\Script and put them just in the Singe folder (where old menu.script was and menuBackground) and them amend the line (@start Singe.exe -k -z -w -d data -v Singe/arcade.mp4 Singe/menu.singe) it won't load So I try again. I just pasted over Singe32.exe instead. Double clicked this and loaded Menu - ran and Platoon loaded and worked, but under the old menu I then copied and pasted the Singe folder (Media, Script, controls.cfg.example and FreeSansBold.tff) into my folder and edited Menu to : @start Singe32.exe -k -w -d data -v Singe\Media\Movie\arcade43.mp4 Singe\Script\menu.singe Black screen again, but NEW menu loads if amended to: @start Singe32.exe -k -w -d data -v Singe\Media\Movie\arcade43.mp4 Singe\menu.singe Put Platoon in the Singe folder and appears in the menu and works - so check with Cliff Hanger. I unzipped Archive_Karis which holds Cliff and simply copied it into my Singe folder un-edited, but does not appear in the menu. So I go into the Cliff folder and Menu folder and games.dat is here, so I move it to the main Cliff file alongside Cliff.singe (3.21) I run menu again - black screen and back to the desktop Tried again amending the games.dat resolution from 1920x180 to 800x600 - still black screen and crash So copied over Timegal games.dat and amended to: GAMES = { { TITLE = "Cliff", SCRIPT = "Cliff/Cliff.singe", VIDEO = "Cliff/Movie/Cliff.mp4", DATA = "Cliff", STRETCH = false, NO_MOUSE = true, RESOLUTION_X = 800, RESOLUTION_Y = 600, SINDEN_GUN = "", CABINET = "Cliff/Assets/front.jpg", MARQUEE = "Cliff/Images/menu-marquee.jpg", ATTRACT = "Cliff/Menu/menu-attract.mp4", ATTRACT_START = 1, ATTRACT_END = 500, YEAR = "1985/2020", PLATFORM = "Fan Game", DEVELOPER = "Karis", PUBLISHER = "Karis", GENRE = "QTE", DESCRIPTION = "The classic Taito game restored in HD.", CREATOR = "Karis", SOURCE = "" } } UPDATE Cliff Hanger now appears in the menu! It now loads and does not appear to be messed up! So partial result! Phew Only thing is, video seems jerky and speech very crackled. Does not run smoothly. Went into the options and selected lo-res option but no change. I did see a thread here about audio drivers and disabling them. If I disable High Definition Audio Device Singe does not load, hangs on a white screen. If NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) disabled and if NVIDIA High Definition Audio disabled, Singe loads. However loading Laserdisc / Singe music crackles as does audio in Cliff Hanger
  9. Hi - managed to download the above this evening as a zip (Archive-29ac) and extracted Unable to open any of the Menu files, Menu, Menu_Window, Menu43, Menu43_Window and Menu 1080 Menu - Black screen then returns to the desktop Menu_Window - Specified resolution is larger than the display Menu_Window Menu43 - Black screen then returns to the desktop Menu43_Window - Specified resolution is larger than the display Menu 108 - Unable to locate script For Menu, I edited the file and added -x 1280 -y 400 as this shows in the Menu that works in my existing Singe folder. I added it directly after Singe.exe, but black screen and back to desktop So I copied the data, Singe and Singe.exe from your files to my existing folder, copying over what I had. I edited my Menu to delete Singe-v2.00-Windows-x86_64.exe and changed to Singe.exe and amended the path to the new arcade.mp4 screen and menu.singe This does bring up the new menu successfully (although loading music is very crackly - wasnt before) however Cliff Hanger won't show in Menu (and the attached .bat files wont load it either) using 3.21 games.dat and cliff.bat from archive_karis - not changed anything else However like original problem above - copy games.dat over from Timegal and just change the video address to Cliff Hanger works - but game all messed up Obviously doing something wrong - not sure what? lol I will try again tomorrow morning and will re-post
  10. Never mind! Doubt will be done now given that thread is approaching 15 years old. Never mind. Thanks for the reply
  11. GP World is ok, just sprites on top of a rolling video track. However with no sound it takes the playability away. I did some searches but was unable to find anything. I downloaded. The ROM again from planetenu (actually a different set to what I have) but no joy
  12. Didn't expect such a fast reply. Thanks for taking time out to look. Away from my PC until Sunday evening. Will report back then. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to hopefully playing Was going through the old Daphne games before I came across Singe 2 and gave some of them a blast again. As a quick side question, I am guessing GP World still has no sound? Thanks again!
  13. You da man Karis - no rush at all I downloaded from the first page here and not Kangaroo Punch Downloaded Singe 480p folder which has 2 x folders (Movie and Overlay) Downloaded the 1080p one as well which has 10 x folders (Assets, Cfg, etc) plus Cliff.singe (v3.21) I open my Singe folder (where all other games are held in their own directories and working) and firstly I place the 1080p folder in there (named Cliff) I do nothing else and run Menu in Singe. However Cliff Hanger not showing in the menu selection. I go back into the Cliff file and enter the Menu folder where the games.dat file is, I then move this into the Singe/Cliff folder I then run the menu in Singe again, but this time it crashes as I go through the games (Cliff Hanger does not appear) I have copied the contents of the games.dat below: GAMES = { { TITLE = "Karis Cliff Hanger", SCRIPT = "Cliff/Cliff.singe", VIDEO = "Cliff/Movie/Cliff.mp4", SCRIPT2 = "", VIDEO2 = "", NAME = "", NAME2 = "", DATA = "Cliff", STRETCH = false, NO_MOUSE = true, RESOLUTION_X = 1920, RESOLUTION_Y = 1080, SINDEN_GUN = "", POSTER = "Cliff/Menu/menu-poster.png", MARQUEE = "Cliff/Menu/menu-marquee.jpg", ATTRACT = "Cliff/Menu/menu-attract.mp4", ATTRACT_START = 1, ATTRACT_END = 496, SKIN = "RED", YEAR = "1983/2020", DIFFICULTY = "4/5", DEVELOPER = "Karis", PUBLISHER = "Stern", GENRE = "QTE", RESOLUTION = "1920x1080", DESCRIPTION = "The classic 1983 Stern game in HD with 2 additional missing link levels. The plot is based loosely on that of The Castle of Cagliostro (plus scenes from The Mystery of Mamo), and follows Cliff (Arsene Lupin III) as he attempts to rescue Clarissa from the evil Count Draco, who wants to marry her. Cliff is aided in his quest by Jeff (Daisuke Jigen) and Samurai (Goemon Ishikawa XIII).", } } I tried cliff.singe 2.0 (from Kangaroo Punch) but crash still happened as above, did not show in menu. The problem appears to be with the games.dat file As TimeGal works, I copied the games.dat file from there and put it in the Cliff folder and amended the directory paths to match - Cliff Hanger now shows in the menu screen of Singe with box art, attract video - but wont load - crashes before any video starts. I kept the resolution as with TimeGal - using 1920 / 1080 brings an error - specified resolution is larger than the display I then tried using the downloaded 480p video - shows in menu select but wont load / crash. Also copied and pasted the Overlay from the 480p download Games.dat (amended from TimeGal) that works in Singe and shows in menu GAMES = { { TITLE = "Cliff", SCRIPT = "Cliff/Cliff.singe", VIDEO = "Cliff/Movie/Cliff.mp4", DATA = "Cliff", STRETCH = false, NO_MOUSE = true, RESOLUTION_X = 800, RESOLUTION_Y = 600, SINDEN_GUN = "", CABINET = "Cliff/Overlay/menu-poster.png", MARQUEE = "Cliff/Overlay/menu-marquee.jpg", ATTRACT = "Cliff/Movie/menu-attract.mp4", ATTRACT_START = 1, ATTRACT_END = 500, YEAR = "1985/2020", PLATFORM = "Fan Game", DEVELOPER = "Karis", PUBLISHER = "Karis", GENRE = "QTE", DESCRIPTION = "The classic Taito game restored in HD.", CREATOR = "Karis", SOURCE = "" } } Note - I would add that using the games.dat from Timegal and only amending the Video, Cabinet, Marquee and Attract to the Cliff directory loads the game - but vid clips all messed up / in wrong order. If the Script line is however amended from the Timegal directory to Cliff - black screen and crash, no vid loads. I have tried using the Cliff Singe file from 2.0 and 3.21 - the same / back screen and crash Hope you can see I have tried and tried and not simply messaged for help. Many thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply, but the link I posted in my thread from Mega.nz with the 3.21 script is from the first page of the above thread link you posted. Downloaded all files from there also, with games.dat in the menu folder. If this file is placed in the Cliff folder, Singe will not even load. If this games.dat from the above Mega.nz link is replaced with the games.dat from Kangaroo Punch - Singe loads, with Cliff Hanger in the menu, with menu attract, etc - but still wont work I tried the .mp4 file from Kangaroo Punch and Karis's mega.nz link but cannot get either to work I also used the 1080 and 480 from Karis mp4 files and messed about a bit, tried with the 2.0 and 3.21 script. The game loads in Singe but messed up video, i.e. as soon as they run of the casino, cuts to a game over and a car crashing - is the script incorrect somehow? But thought others would have experienced this? I'm going to re-download the files in case mixed them up with all the testing - will report back