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  1. part 4 is off line :(
  2. MAME & clones 0.221

    [Hidden Content]
  3. Demul Video Tutorial 2017 (ITA)

    Hi guys, I created this guide based on the November 2017 release, there are no big differences with the version of April 2018 but there are big differences between the November 2017 version and the previous one. I hope it will be useful.
  4. Daphne Video Tutorial (ITA)

    Hi guys, I created this tutorial to help people like me have always had difficulties with this emulator. I hope it will be useful, if you have problems with joypad or joystick I have added a special section. Unfortunately there are no subtitles in other languages but I'm working on it. Bye !!
  5. Actually I was not very precise on that, I realize it only now, I meant if you use an arcade stick like i do In Italy laserdiscs are almost a mysterious legend and even more emulate them I created a dedicated guide (also on Demul and Mame) collecting as much information as possible, i hope you like it
  6. Prego, figurati A breve inserirò i sottotitoli ENG.
  7. Really ? I do not remember exactly which ones but there are big differences between versions 0.58 / 0.7... if I remember correctly I think it has been said that in the next versions it will be possible to have more choice in the configuration of the dx11 plugin...
  8. it's a problem of the latest versions. unfortunately, at the moment, the dx11old plugin only works in some games (like gaelco)...
  9. I did a couple of tests but it does not seem to work, I think you will have to use the dx11 plugin... just to ask, why would you use the dx11old plugin? ...
  10. Hi, [Hidden Content], in this site you will find the updated romset, it is managed by a friend who works very well. I created an emulator configuration guide but does not have English subtitles yet i'm sorry... I will perform some tests on "initial D" and I will let you know
  11. Hi, do you have the updated romset and ALL CHD ? (it is possible that the list is not updated) maybe the problem could be that if not, you could try to download Demul again and reconfigure it from the beginning, sometimes it works
  12. Hi guys, I created this guide, it's in Italian but I'm working for English subtitles, I hope you like it and can be useful