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  1. Taiko no Tatsujin System 357

    Hello, could someone please send me a link to dumps of Taiko no Tatsujin for the system 357 (PS3)? Thanks!
  2. thanks for your response, unfortunely this just makes the game run quicker. oh well, ill just wait till theres a stronger modding community and more knowledge about the game like with project diva arcade
  3. heres a video that shows exactly what happens. also, when i change any graphics settings, they have no effect
  4. i boot it up, it shows the component test screen (dongle, i/o etc.) then shows the loading screen, then the credits, then namco logo and then it fades into black with the coin counter at the bottom. i have tried doing it from scratch many times. i have the taiko nijiiro.7z and the jconfig files. im sure im not missing anything. could reinstalling windows help? idk if it could be useful, but my specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x NVIDIA GTX 1660ti 16GB RAM Windows 10 21H1 thank you for any help
  5. i did copy it and i did overwrite it... i have no idea why it doesnt work :(
  6. the game doesnt work at all for me and i have all files where they should be. can someone help me?
  7. how do i make the game think theres a dongle?
  8. does anyone know why my game doesnt work? it shows the first screen fine, then fades into black with the coin counter
  9. this is how my game looks like when i boot it up. is this normal? sound also doesnt work and after this screen disappears, theres just a black screen
  10. the game starts, but it doesnt detect a dongle and its just a black screen with text at the bottom. what should i do?
  11. ill try deleting and extracting the game files again
  12. am i missing any other files besides jconfig?
  13. i get this error when i launch the game. weird