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  1. GTI CLUB MINI on full screen

    Hy folks Is there a way to get GTI on full screen? thanks !
  2. CARS disney

    Hello gamers How can i come into the menu for his game to set it to free play? When i assign the buttons for test and service it does not react in the game please help me play this nice diwsney pixar game.... thanks!
  3. lets go jungle

    Prblem solved! just have to move the mouse Around and than it came with the target circle... very nice fame
  4. GTI club 3 for teknoparrot emu

    thanks a lot man for this! its about the only site that has it all
  5. GTI club 3 for teknoparrot emu

    Nice site! Thanks i must have a vpn to get files there? or is it possible te get these without vpn
  6. GTI club 3 for teknoparrot emu

    Hello gamers! I am looking for days now for the roms for gticlub mini festival for teknopirat emu Can anyone give me a link? That would be great! thanks
  7. lets go jungle

    thanks! i got i working now with free play but now the mouse cursor does not work any solutions?
  8. lets go jungle

    Hello gamers! I can load and run lets go jungle only it does not START on free play (not visable) and with coins it also does not start. So i can not play the game while having start buttons and coins assigned. Can anyone help me out? I would love to play this game thanks in advance!!
  9. lindbergh roms

    Hello arcade fans! Can anyone give me a link for lindbergh roms? I ALREADY HAVE OUTRUN 2 RUNNING AND ITS GREAT ON PC! Where can i fond daytona 3 and rambo for lindbergh? Many thanks for your help Kind regards RONald
  10. outrun 2 for lindbergh emu

    Hello arcade fans! Can anyone give me a lnk where i can find the rom or image for OUTRUN 2 on lindbergh hardware? Thanks in advance for bringing me this most popular arcade game ever! RonALD