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  1. R737 Use correct PCI IDs (Harry Tuttle) spindizzi please come back!
  2. R736 add crosshair effect (Harry Tuttle)
  3. R733 Draw transparent polys to separate layers and composite at the end. This solves a tonne of transparency errors we had been battling with for a long time. The model3 is strange in the fact it only supports a max of two translucent overlapped polys. They are not blended into the frame normally. Doing this means the topmost translucent polys only are visible in the scene, the equivalent of doing a depth pass first, but without the added cost.
  4. R717 Clamping must be applied before the spotlight is applied on step 1.0 h/w.
  5. You're Welcome ^^ Thank you for always the quick release.
  6. It seems to be compiled incorrectly. Erroneous error (von2 crash) Checked with emucr version
  7. R680 Fix some bad/missing textures in fighting vipers. The game is referencing totally illegal texture sizes. The real h/w was just handling it somehow, whilst we were returning null for the textures. This might produce junk textures for the lower mipmaps, but this can be clamped in a later update.