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  1. Blue seems fine to me, but I'm not certain about golds timing yet. I've just been playing on blue because the timing seemed correct.
  2. Are you asking to fix the offset timing to be like stepmania? Because DDR timing is completely different from stepmania timing. I found this out the hard way. So if your interested in getting timing like what would be on stepmania it wont be, because the 2 timing systems are completely different. I thought the timing was off as well, come to find out that I'm accustomed to playing ITG/stepmania timing which just isn't the same. DDR uses frame based timing where stepmania timing is in milliseconds. If you do the math though, the timing windows on DDR are naturally tighter. SO it may seem as if your doing worse than you would playing stepmania/ITG, but its just an off adjustment to timing from game to game. Timing is what really is the sauce flavor of each game.
  3. by offset are you talking about gold cabinet?
  4. Another oddity last night I discovered. I haven't setup butterfly, yet there's scores saved already? How am I seeing other peoples scores if I'm not on any type of server?
  5. Ok after doing a bit of homework. Switching back to stepmania after I had been playing blue cab a20+...Timing still feels very different. Can anyone confirm whether or not that Stepmania timing is different than the A20+ timing? Is this normal?
  6. Maybe I'm just off in general. I haven't played on any DDR X and up machines in real life. I have 2 Extreme J cabs and 1 Supernova J cab in my garage and the timing just seems so much different than when I hook up my arcade pad and play on A20+ it feels very...very different. After reverting back to blue cab, I found the timing to be more consistent. But it seems maybe the timing windows may have been tightened up since old DDR machines? Anyway I think I've got the timing close now on gold cab and blue cab comparison.
  7. @carlosgordon1970 Thanks, I am on v5 AIO. So should I be running on 2020072800? So it may change? Asking because it seems in gold cab timing is significantly off and I cant seem to find a spot where timing seems to be right on.
  8. @carlosgordon1970 When editing offset = 0x1D330 and change 69 to X number, does it only go in intervals of some number? Because when editing it down to 11 lets say, my fast/slow doesn't seem to change hardly and I'm staying on the same song to keep it controlled. My fast/slow also doesn't change when I change it to 89 either again on the same song to keep it controlled. Something else to note is that my marv/perf counts are similar across the board on all types of number settings???
  9. Im not currently on butterfly. I see in the hex cheat sheet that it recommends using butterfly. I havent had the patience yet to set it up yet. Anyone able to get this working "offline"?
  10. @polivosm I plugged my .dll into the [Hidden Content] and checked 50% and pasted over the new .dll but its not working, bars are still on.
  11. Hex edit? also i feel like the measure bars is not a normal setting?
  12. @polivosm so these bars, shown with an arrow.
  13. @polivosm Hey Ive seen a few of your screen shots with the measure bars taken out of the background when playing. Care to share how youve done that?
  14. @7zxkv thanks for the mirrors! Not sure if it really matters but the mirror dumps for 2020020300 arent working currently. also the 2020080728 isnt either. I was able to fish the thread for it though.
  15. Hey I just want to say thanks to @topet2k12001 and the community here getting this thing set up THIS IS AWESOME! So far I have got A20+ to run well a few days ago. I haven't tried getting butterfly to run yet, but I'm also on the most recent release 2021080400. I am willing to learn hex editing for the purpose of unlocking gold cab and have the gold bga. Is it that complicated? Also how important is it to patch over content data folders from previous version to current? I understand that butterfly wont work on 2021 data. Now am learning that it may be tied to spicetools ability to force on the other fun things. Do we have a parent file to download yet that has all of the data patched over?