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  1. would give to share the edited start.bat. appreciate,
  2. would give to share the edited start.bat. appreciate,
  3. If one day Luigi's Mansion arcade is released for Teknoparrot my icon is already done
  4. Good evening friend tries to install Visual-C-Runtimes-All-in-One-Oct-2018
  5. I made an icon to POOTERMAN make a definitive ...
  6. bom dia alguem poderia me ajudar a rodar o som ele sta destorcendo eu ja fiz tudo isso e nada sera que tem outro jeito... I'm having a problem with the sound, it's squeaking and it's not necessary to list anything. I have to play with the television if someone can help. Thank you. #5.1 to stereo downmix - manual with no plugin pcm.!sysdefault { slave.pcm front slave.channels 2 type route # input output scaling ttable.0.0 1 # fl left 100 ttable.1.1 1 # fr right 100 ttable.2.0 1 # rl left 100 ttable.3.1 1 # rr right 100 ttable.4.0 0.5 # ctr left 50 ttable.4.1 0.5 # ctr right 50 ttable.5.0 0.5 # lfe left 50 ttable.5.1 0.5 # lfe right 50 }
  7. Nouveau Départ Pour Moi

    Congratulations, God bless ... success.
  8. no need to use dxwnd uses the Game Loader All RH
  9. Desculpe, mas eu não sei ... temos que esperar por algum despejo para o Reaver para iniciar no seu carregador
  10. No Sorry but I do not know ... we have to wait for some dump for the Reaver to launch into your loader
  11. in the first page of the topic Teknoparrot has the link to download [Hidden Content]