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  1. Well you can buy it off him for 1000USD thats what he offered to sell me a bootleg drive For.
  2. I since alot of salt, Also the fuck are you talking bout DDOS attacks lol
  3. Well thats not explicitly what i was talking bout More then scores and saves, games like LM will never run with out that website giving it the correct auth key
  4. Dont know I just chill in there discord they seem quite active there.
  5. there the people that release all the konmai games every year, and just released cuthuilum and other music games they also release id0
  6. Last i checked 1cc was fine releasing games all this time, we where fine before reaver and will be fine after djhackers also release games every year
  7. No only last 2 games are vmprotected. Lm and snowcross
  8. I think as end users, you have a right to be mad, when something is obfuscated, or vmprotected, because a major part of this entire thing is arcade game preservation what happens when TP taken down, or people wise up and stop donating to him, if that website gose down with the auth token the dump magically wont run this is on top of him demanding funds for "patreon" only games.
  9. THE FACT THE GAME BOOTS WITH TP IS THE PROOF YOU NEED THE KEY TO BREAK THE DRM, YOU DO NOT MAGICALLY HAVE THAT KEY WITH OUT BEING THE PERSON WHO APPLIED IT Lets also not forget the facts Reaver uses vmprotect on Tp already Reaver uses vmprotect on all his bootlegs he sells for profits But yea someone totally not named reaver applied the vmprotect, and the authentication token to make it run just happened to be inside tp.
  10. nah apparently logic is to hard for this one, doubt he can even read that page tbh
  11. Like i cant tell if your retarded or not The proof is the fact that the exe, you can inspect it and see the vmprotect, you can also know how vmprotect works, its a drm scheme that tp itself uses
  12. 1cc can say they have whatever they want, if they had a clean exe, flybit has stated the game would be working TP clearly have a clean exe, beacuse they applied the vmprotect, so it could only run with TP
  13. They don't ? hence why LM isnt supported. untill a clean exe is dumped. also, 1cc is a fucking community, not a person , Jconfig, Cannot run the 2 titles with vmprotected exes untill the games are redumped, with clean exes, and or the oringal dumper releases them clean ( Tp not gonna happen) you should know this also effects your ability to modify the games 2, you cannot directly hex edit the exe anymore due to the packer, it also effects performace greatly.
  14. 1 No on the dev team of jconfig supports bootlegging, 1cc is a community anyone can join clearly there may be bad apples in there 2 same thing can be said about School of Ragnork, When you RE sometimes same bugs pop up for mutiple people, reaver claimed he couldnt get figureheads booting on twitter, its the same bug school of rag has, if you knew how to fix school of rag you know to fix that 2a: Lets also not forget almost all these dumps, and keychips aka eeproms where given to reaver by a 3rd party, so clearly they had to steal it and that 3rd party didn't also say you know what i am sick of his shit and handed it out to others? 3 Yes it dose, when your not fully open source yourself, and if your selling it for profit like bootlegs., on top of you never addressed this issue. 4 thats false how dose tp magically have the key then to open a vmprotected exe? lol
  15. No just no, your not implementing something that dosent exist with out super hacking it, thats what gameloader rh dose now For Raiden 3 4, and all the games with nesicaxlive versions in your jconfig settings you can enable tate mode, the game naturally supports a flipped mode For all the older titles there is no ,and will never be a legitimate way to rotate them To get a rotation effect, you have to flip windows, while running the game in boardlesss fullscreen and resize the game window exactly what Gameloader dose for these select games, and thats it. your not going to magically add in something the base game and engine didn't support