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  1. I am done with this thread out of your pure Stupidity. the real game isn't VMPROTECTED but the bootleg on jackasses/Reavers drive is very much is, and the exe is heavily modified. So once again a dump off these old bootleg drives is pointless and USELESS because the real game dump already works, and will it see the light of day? Who knows. Life is a Mystery after all.
  2. Then it is extremely Clear you lack a clean Dump of Ultra. And You may or may not ever seen one thats life
  3. Are you mentetily ill? Any jconfig works period.
  4. No no it isnt, included, it is a worthless dump, beacuse of whats been done to the exe and unlike you I have the facts, you just dont seem to want them
  5. that was a multi your best buddyer reaver was bootlegging and selling, whats your point? he bootlegged the drives and encypted the games with vmprotect just like his TP loader.
  6. K dumbass, sit the fuck down. [Hidden Content]
  7. umm NO it isnt lol, that guy in the video is a buddy I set that up for him to tease retards like you lol.
  8. Then your mentally retarded its worked since IDMAC 1.0
  9. Id like to know where you come up with that info, with statements like that maybe we make sure it dosent see the light of day ever
  10. 1:) Games Been dumped for a while,, this was a video of a guy on ap making a joke at people beggin for the game 2:) while it is running on real hardware in this video, it works in jconfig already
  11. You clearly are not, those rfidgod hasnt legitimately been used in a main build of jconfig for over a year and a half. Delete everything, start with a brand-new fresh game. and a fresh 1.3rc1 jconfig. 1.4 isnt out quite yet but thats another manner then set the game up and load it with just the game.exe
  12. Alas your still using 10 loaders, and after market things, instead of A cleannew jconfig.
  13. And this is why loaders are retarded. your using a idmac form over 1 year ago. id suggest you seek out the lateest version
  14. [Arcade PC] Elevator Action Death Parade (Taito Type X2)

    Thats a Raw Game, Not Decypted Game, Hence why you get no game files. 1st post should be edited, There was a bug-found in jconfig use this link instead. [Hidden Content]