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  1. this man made it working :D
  2. oh you were right :D i didn't know what i was doing wrong sorry for the inconvinience is there a method to save your improvements in your car ?
  3. could you upload your ahk for x360kb please ?
  4. x360ce DOES not work :( for this game :(
  5. so you can only play the game if you have a REAL xbox controller ? :( too bad
  6. could someone please upload the configured UCR for xbox controller ? thanks :D
  7. you can't :D i have tried xbox ce emu , and pressing any key in the keyboard but i can not start the game :(
  8. I'm using xbox ce joystick emulator :( but can not start the game :(
  9. which are thwhich are the buttons ? besides A,W,S,D there are more buttons to use in the keyboard :(
  10. can not enter the game :( i press each button but it keeps showing the tutorial :(
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    for COUNTER STRIKE NEO should i download the RAW iso plus the rest of the files ? (about 4 gb the files) or what= :D
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    [Hidden Content] apparently here is the dump :( but i do not know if this is correct
  13. Ok THIS was the problem also D: the game is in freeplay but i press any button and i can not start the game :( i use the loader .exe MADDEN_LAUNCHER.exe
  14. gives me the error .... "è" is not a valid key name. ----> Line# 116:Hotkey,%Player2WHITE%P2_START The current thread will exist
  15. i push NFS LAUNCHER and select START GAME nothing happens :( edit: get the error EC: 5520