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  1. where could i find the nvram files to unlock the hidden chars in kof xi , mvc 2 , and battle coliseum ?
  2. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    gives me error 5-1520-0501 when launching it with spice.exe :(

    i have downloaded it but it says only MULTIPLAY so i can not play it 1 player only :(
  4. where could i find this game ?? there are no links anywhere :(
  5. Beekyr Reloaded / Shmup Génial Apidya Style

    how are the sales going ?
  6. thanks for the tutorial i have downloaded the game plus monkey ball toosl :( game loads but i can not insert any credit no matter which joypad button i press SOLVED the problem , with antimicro and a joystick everything goes perfect
  7. hey guys what happened witht he dump of MONKEY BALL BLITZ ?? is not in teknoparrote yet but can be played ? :D
  8. Cemu v1.15.4b - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    which version is up today the FASTEST version ? to run YOSHI WOOLLY WORLD ? :D thansk
  9. would need the game 'don't fall run for your drink' from nesyca :( i lost the file
  10. A question if i want to run a NESICA game in TEKNO PARROT which nesica files ,should i remove ?
  11. i have a question when i try to launch COUNTER STRIKE NEO i point to the game hdl_adm or similar, but the emulator keeps saying me 'no game.exe found' but counter strike neo has no game.exe
  12. so, which files should i download for COUNTER STRIKE ?? i have downloaded CONTENTS 2.BIN do i need more files ? thanks :D
  13. for the system N2 linux based which would be the game.exe ? i have tried in COUNTER STRIKE NEO but can't found any exe
  14. THANKS mohkerz :D game working perfectly :D