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  1. i can launch FBIKES 2 but i configure the controls but i can not start the game and i have the buttons configured
  2. could someone upload a SUPER BIKES 2 version of the game valid for the PARROT ??? i mean the correct sdaemon.exe and the rest of the game :D thanks
  3. is there a dolphin triforce version to run this game ? :(
  4. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    jconfig does not work for me :( even configured also everytime i begin a race after a second says TIMED OUT and race end :( what can i do ?
  5. cemu iso’s?

  6. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    i enter the race but after it begins the game sais TIME out :( AND i lose
  7. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    i put the files at C_\rawart i click on sdaemon.exe i can choose the bike and the route but when i start the race this ends inmediatly :(
  8. Look for PC version is better with more characters and free :D
  9. DOA 5 pc version has more characters :D where do i download NEW tekno parrot programs ? can not find in teknoparrot.com
  10. REAVER is dumping too new games so i don't think we can play them with teknoparrot until 2023 or further
  11. you got it playable at latest CEMU emulator
  12. what is the elf.loader ? that is named in the first page ? in changelog.info i guess reaver means that is a loader for lindbergh games
  13. how do i update teknoparrot ? which button or executable do you use for the updates ?=
  14. Cemu v1.15.8 - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    DOes TANK TANK TANK work now ? Error-code: 106-0502 HOW could i fix this for tank tank tank =?
  15. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    are these games already playable ?