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  1. Model 1 mame roms ver. 217?

    the latest are a emu-roms.net
  2. what is the new site for 1cc ???
  3. i have problems with GROOVE COASTER :( not launch it says exception plus some words in japanese EDIT: it launchs but in a windows what configuration do i need to launch it full screen ?
  4. this would be awesome if teknoparrot could emulate ps3 TEKKEN TAG 2 and TEKKEN 6
  5. why so much difference ? the arcade version is about 2 GB but PC game is just 752 MB
  6. you CAN NOT .. there is still no :( loader for this game
  7. so apparently every JCONFIG has its own .exe to run the game ??
  8. CAN'T find CALADRIUS either :(
  9. could someone make an small tutorial on JCONFIG ? i configure the jconfig.exe configure everything i punt all the jconfig files in the same directorio of teh game but i do not know how to launch the game using jconfig help :(
  10. what should i do with this jconfig ? i put JCONFIG and the files of the game together and what else ? :( an small tutorial please ? thanks
  11. thanks but which game is LUPIN 3 ?? do you have images of this arcade machine ? the rest i have found on youtube but not lupin III
  12. mouse does not work for me :( only joystick and it checks the dongle forever :( also you need a W: directory how can i change tht ?
  13. i guess :D :D but only for PATREONS :(
  14. is it there a FLAT VERSION of the game ? so the screen is not curved :(
  15. THANKS :d any dump is appreciated let's hope TEKNOPARROT support