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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I want ALL the RAW THRILSS game :D all of them :D
  2. for alpne racer you need the CRACKED daemon file look at the post of Alpine Racer and you find the dercypted.exe
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    they have run away :D with the money of the patreons :D and currently they are in a Tax Haven :D counting your money
  4. I remeber the first TAITO X games :D you should rotate the screen to play them :D because there was no other method :D what memories
  5. so iguess that for the JCOFNIG we need the DECRYPTED sdaemon.exe right?
  6. [Hidden Content] are there any news about the dumps of this pc arcade system ? thanks
  7. Ok tyhanks everything is OK i finished the game :D there is an small issue with the sound but game is playable :D and very cute
  8. can anyone upload please the game.exe with correct CRC ? thanks
  9. [General] Input API=DirectInput [Error] Unsupported Executable=Unsupported Executable, NEW CRC: D426DE40! i am getting this error i downloaded cotton from virusman site
  10. thanks :D now does the game works completely from beggining to end ? is there an issue for cotton ?
  11. it's a pity, i would like to play COTTON ROCK :D this looks awesome also let's wait for JCONFIG for APM3 games :(
  12. these greedy basst....rd :D they have more than 600 patreon , this means 3000$ per month
  13. i Hope that if they realease JCOFNIG for APM3 games ,. this Jconfig will be valid for ALL games :D not just few
  14. Sega All.Net P-ras Multi ver.3 for Attractmode

    so to resume, which APM3 games are playable in TP ? : VF Sports, Otoshu, Kawase and Aleste ?