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  1. is it there a FLAT VERSION of the game ? so the screen is not curved :(
  2. THANKS :d any dump is appreciated let's hope TEKNOPARROT support
  3. ohh :D was finally this game leaked ? is it better than INITIAL D 8 ?? :D :D thanks for the links :D bro
  4. well :D we had the PC version i would love better see STAR WARS BATTLE IPOD , TIME CRISIS 5 and POINT BLANK X
  5. Castlevania rebirth

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. thanks :D for the rom in MEGA ..
  7. check in facebook INMORTALGAMES or at [Hidden Content]
  8. so , is it possible to run KO DRIVE without TP ?? if so what loader do you use ? could someone put the loader ? :D
  9. Hope they use UNREAL 4 engine or something similar to get a good quality graphics
  10. i am on WINDOWS 7 and have no sound :( for no reason
  11. thanks Spidersoft :D game is running but no sound on windows 7 :( can it be solved also is there any way to see the crosshairs of the gun ? to see what i am shooting at ? :D :D thanks again
  12. yes thanks , and how should i configure this ? do i need the linux disc ? which unix do i use ? could someone upload an step by step tutorial ? .. with pictures
  13. which programs do i need to play this game ??? EDIT: i get stuck on the LOADING PLEASE WAIT ... screen
  14. The Ninja Warriors Once Again Switch XCI

    i am using NVIDIA plugin and card
  15. The Ninja Warriors Once Again Switch XCI

    [Hidden Content] try this emu for me it's OK