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  1. [Hidden Content] requires a spare PC with an old nvidia card to run it (in theory any card should work as long as it has drivers available for it that support Windows XP SP2 although i haven't tested other cards) Here is aliens extermination dumped by someone in the chat. The download contains a disk image for vmware which can be written to a physcial HDD if you know how to do so. On vmware it boots and starts the game however there isn't any sound and the game runs way too fast, It also crashes after the menu because of no sound On an actual PC it seems to run ok once graphics and sound drivers were installed on the XP embedded install and it accepts input from a joystick (a mouse to joystick program is highly recommended if you wan't to hit any aliens) This is also useful if you own a cab that has a dead drive and need to install the game to a new drive Dump cracké: [Hidden Content] AlienEX_patch.7z repack jeu +outil + tuto par Wildwolf : mega://enc2?1KeAq3Dh_H5zd6fHUdvJN2q940RMZlyxUlWzSCXcY6l1EIwa1SsQqPQoMdgxP3KNdq0XXU_pjFDEgAoijrUVLw Aliens_MouseEnabler_V4+Keyboard.rar tuto sur la chaine Youtube EMULINE : Autres infos et différences entre dumps: ici
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Sound can be set easily In folder RuntimeData / OperatorSettings .txt OperatorSettings_back1.txt Change the: ; ======== Volume and sound ======== ; Sound.MuteMasterVolume = false Sound.MasterVolume = 30 ; Sound.SeatRumble = 100 ; Sound.MuteAttractVolume = false Sound.AttractVolume = 30
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    We are waiting for: HOTD Scarlett Dawn Sega Dirt Showdown Arcade Time Crisis 5 Lost Land Adventure (English Dump) Shining Force Exlesia 3.10 Does anyone know how to clone HDD files (.TBI)? Dump Game (Halo Fire Raven HDD recovery image)?
  4. I uploaded Glovepie and script directly 1-Run Glovepie 2-File Open and Open File -WiimoteScripts (House of the death.pie) 3-Run sensor bar is needed You must have paired Wiimote with bluetooth. If you have used Wiimote as a lightgun then you know how to .. [Hidden Content] Just run the script through Glovepie and then run, for example: Rambo (teknoparrot) The big advantage is that there is no need in the game (Calibrate ), for example:Rambo Especially because of Model 2 games, where it is the only possibility to charge off the screen
  5. I like the Teknoparrot launcher, it is nicely designed, detailed system description, nice icon, overview menu, many settings (Controls) etc .. I also like the (game loader), well-made system (Resolution, window, Fullscreen,controls etc ..)
  6. Hi, Update games, I found no changes ( differences) I do not have and links to the game(Update) no longer work .. We must wait to support Teknoparot even if the game is thanks (Ducoon2016) 100% playable The Dev Only (Teknoparrot) LostLand.xml Contains Buttons: Service SW Service panel Test Menu UP Test Menu Down Enter Switch PIN 123 PIN 456 PIN 789 PIN * OH Test Menu: Change difficulty, etc ..
  7. Hi, If you use GlovePie I wrote a simple WiiMote script (Lightgun) Where the weapon reloads off-screen, just like in Arcade No need to press the A button Aim off-screen and the weapon reloads Games are much more fun House Of The Death Virtua Cop 1,2 etc .. Used in Model2, Model3, Demul, Teknoparot etc .. House of the death.PIE
  8. Thank You (Ducon2016) The fix Works on this Game update (I have not found any changes yet, the menu is the same, etc .. If I find differences - Dam know) If someone wants a modified Update exe: [Hidden Content]
  9. To get the latest update (Not working yet) Just attach file: LLA100-1-NA-U02-MPR0 And copy it. The files will contain all the updates And especially the new Exe: DomeShooterGame-Win64-Shipping.exe Date modified 25.6.2014 This is not yet decrypted even with the fix (Ducon2016) The game does not work yet. Decrypt: DomeShooterGame-Win64-Shipping.exe Maybe I have better protection (Key) (I do not wait for big changes in this update, maybe small graphics modifications, new weapons, better game protection ..)
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Let's Go Jungle Special has better gameplay and new graphical changes, etc. compared to the classic version The game can be controlled by xbox controler - works well Mouse needs to be repaired - The X and Y axes are inverted if the axes change. The Mouse will work correctly
  11. Thanks for sharing this update eproxy It's 100% update When you connect Drive: LLA100-1-OF-C00-MPR0 DomeShooterGame-Win64-Shipping.exe Date modified 2.6.2014 -------------------------------------------------- ------ When you connect Drive: LLA100-1-NA-MPR0-D02 DomeShooterGame-Win64-Shipping.exe Date modified 25.6.2014 -------------------------------------------------- ----- When you connect Drive: LLA100-1-NA-U02-MPR0 This is the latest update and changes the file change dates for example: RSLauncher, RSWatchDog etc ..
  12. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    Supermodel 783 To calculate the mipmap value the opengl needs to calculate the difference in the texture coordinates between adjacent pixels. If there are no adjacent pixels the hw may need to spawn invisible fragments outside of the visible polygon. Our algorithm was culling these out so the mipamp calculation failed for edge pixels. Anyway this fixes quad rendering looking broken with the latest nvidia drivers. [Hidden Content]
  13. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    New svn 782 [Hidden Content] Commit Ian: Really should cull against 5 frustum planes.
  14. Thank you for your response For charging using (A button on Wiimote) Too bad, Demulshoter doesn't have this feature (reloads off screen) It would be exactly like a passage Thank you
  15. Please, can anyone advise how to set up the Demulshooter to charge the gun off the screen? Nebula M2 emulator House of Te Death Virtua cop1,2 I can't come in long I use: Demulshoter, Touchmote, I don't have Aimtrak, just wiimote and sensor bar Charging in other emulators - Demul, supermodel etc, off-screen only works with Nebula M2 emulator - not I found a video but there uses Aimtrak gun and software utility Does anyone know how to set it up in Demulshoter?
  16. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    The question which (Games.xml) is up to date is difficult to answer. More versions (Games.xml) 1.Games.xml - Spindizzi added forcefedbeack for all racing games Attention is necessary to edit rom, insert rom from Model 2 Emulator etc .. Because it starts to announce - missing rom etc .. ---------------------------------------------- 2.Games.xml - Bart Corrected Correct Input (Lightgun) ---------------------------------------------- 3.Games.xml - I do not know exactly but it has been repaired Game Star wars prototype ----------------------------------------------------------- Etc .. Games work like Tomek wrote, just delete the necessary NVRAM
  17. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    New SVN 781 64 bit build Ian committed [r780] Optimise Games.xml (Krom) Ian committed [r781] Stretch the time the ping_pong bit flips a bit to bump writes into correct frame. Otherwise they end up getting written at like 99.8% of the frame and overlapping with... [Hidden Content]
  18. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    New svn779 My assembly, actually, with no crackling sound 64 bit build FIX: Ian Thanks to our anonymous contributor who managed to patch a model 3 game and run it on real h/w, we were able to obtain some timing values we had been long been missing for correct emulation. The h/w polls something called the ping_pong bit at start-up to sync the GPU with the CPU. Unfortunately we didn't have the correct values and just manually used some per game hacks to get games to run. This mostly worked, but some games were writing more or less frames than they should have been for a given time period. When the ping_pong bit flips at 66% of the frame time, games were writing data for a new frame, which meant writes were often straddling 2 separate frames. We aren't 100% sure if IRQ2 or the ping_pong bit is vblan [Hidden Content]
  19. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    What I compiled is a clean version without customization just had it compiled All gun games work for me .. Ian (Developer Supermodel) only made changes to the correction distance calculation .. You may have a badly set file (Games.xml) I do not know in which revision (r7 ??) supermodel were changed controls in the game (Lost World) from analog to Lightgun Try Change in Games.xml <game name = "lostwsga"> <Identity> <title> The Lost World </title> <version> Japan, Revision A </version> <Manufacturer> Sega </ manufacturer> <Year> 1997 </ year> </ Identity> <Hardware> <platform> Sega Model 3 </platform> <Stepping> 1.5 </ stepping> <Inputs> <input type = "common" /> <input type = "gun1" /> <input type = "gun2" /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you use (Demulshoter, PPjoy and Vjoy, Aimtrack as Gun) So these programs use anologian input Actually - Gamepad controls Mouse using IR sensor Inputs must be set to: analog_gun1 analog_gun2
  20. If you have not set anything, just the I / O setting Mouse movement should be fast. Dead Storm Pirates Around Me (40Fps) Maybe slower PC, I don't know
  21. downloading the version of Rpcs3 for move and installed Firmware It is not necessary to change anything just Change I / O Camera input - PS Eye Camera setings - Fake Move Handler - Mouse Mouse Handler -Basic Nothing else I set I didn't change anything in Gamepad setup
  22. You must calibrate in Windowed mode, not fullscreen. Then the mouse appears, hit the target and then quit calibration (keypad button C)