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  1. do you have the supported segatool version replace in the folder ?
  2. do you have any other discord link this one look expired
  3. can i have the testflight link pls i couldn't create a QQ account to join the group :(
  4. [Hidden Content] Plus.html you would need newest segatool/aqua from few previous page
  5. -offtopic- have anyone heard about astrodx? like maipad plus but have touch note and better graphic, there is alot of gameplay on bilibili but it's still on beta
  6. you mean to automaticly use the network ip if it change ?
  7. your ip in the segatool/aqua/minime might wrong check carefull by using cmd "ipconfig"
  8. [Hidden Content] finale.html you can download it from here ( use vpn if you can't enter the web)
  9. do you have the sddt_130_segatools? and aqua 26a release ?
  10. which version of ongeki are you running?
  11. can someone help me pls i have install asphyxia core and plugins but when i boot up the game still got network errors and the game freeze
  12. mu3io - Copy.dll here try to use mine remove the - Copy pls