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  1. Its been dumped, but as usual those who have it aren't sharing with us... Asked nicely for a link from youtuber Alter Anzu361 to no avail .
  2. Anyone care to share ? [Hidden Content] last place i could find a dead link looked dodgy, but here it is : [Hidden Content]
  3. VR Global PGA Tour Team Challenge Arcade Game Dongle Emulator [Hidden Content]
  4. yuzu just spat at me and accused me of being a pirate , the hide of an author whos facilitating it to happen arghhh!! and who the F#$% even uses IE anyone else get this ? My Specs this crappy PC: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit(activated) / Intel i5-3450 3.10 GHz / 8 GB RAM / GTX 560
  5. Great thanks, do you get the 10 tracks or just the standard 7 ? BTW... Rhloader thing has never ever worked for me
  6. Thanks to FlyBit , latest analog controls using JConfig. Enjoy !!! Individual Settings - Analog Fake On/Off On - Analog Fake Off - Analog joystick(hardware) Coins Per Credit - ANALOG SENSIBILITY/PEDAL ACCEL&BREAK 0 - less sensitive 4 - more sensitive Resolution Check - Deadzone On/Off [Hidden Content]
  7. [Arcade PC] Sega Ford Racing

    weird, ford racing works on my win10 machine, but not on win7, gotta be a runtime or a library im missing, can you guys that have it working on win7 see anything im missing that you have, maybe a vb runtime or c++ something ? i got .NET Framework 4.6.2, Visual Studio 2012 redist , xna framework redist 4.0 any ideas ? CRASH LOG: Executable build date: Jun 13 2006 Executable build time: 22:43:48 Crash details: Location: 0049fceb Reason: Access violation Tried to read from memory location: 0x00000000 Register dump: EAX: 0x02659178 EBX: 0xffffffff ECX: 0x320db735 EDX: 0x00000008 EDI: 0x00000002 ESI: 0x00000000 EBP: 0x00000000 ESP: 0x03ecf674 EIP: 0x0049fceb Floating point details: Control word: 0x0000027f Status word: 0x00000136 ST(0): 00000000008bc2a21140 ST(1): 00000000006bc2a21140 ST(2): 0000000000000080ff3f ST(3): 00000000000024f40fc0 ST(4): 0000000000000080ff3f ST(5): 00000000000000000000 ST(6): 000000000000008006c0 ST(7): 0000000000000080fe3f Stack dump: 00000022 004a076e 0865bca0 00000000 0865bca0 0a5558b0 00000000 00000022 004a04d9 00000022 00000002 00000000 00000001 00000008 0040dae4 ffffffff
  8. PC's ip's are assigned by DHCP from the router via lan pc1 is eg - and pc2 is eg -
  9. Well, the only thing i can really think of is that i have a Network Workgroup setup, where i transfer files from 1 pc to the other, maybe try that if you dont already have 1 setup.
  10. It Shouldn't crash, i have tested it on the lowest pc i have xppro amd 2gigs ram, if it does its a BAD or conflicting video codec on your PC Grab this to check your codecs are not in error : [Hidden Content] Also make sure you install : [Hidden Content]
  11. Mate i did some tests and found deleting dinput8.dll made xppro calibrate succeed also add this to your directory (XInput1_4.dll) : [Hidden Content] If none of that works, give us step by step what you are doing with pics if possible, starting with the joystick you are using, to get it sorted for ya
  12. 2 player co-op on 2 PC's thru a router, believe it or not lol, no setup required , well apart from the network ID changes in the test menu 2PC's & 2copies of the game, plugged into the same router and she is good to go, change rounds etc in test menu. In the games test menu(T)go to (Network), 1st PC ID1 let it do the test and the second PC same and change to ID2 let it do the test right runs thru your router. save and restart connection on both and you should see 2 players can compete top
  13. Dosen't crash for you after a race ?