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  1. Ok my video card is AMD too so that should not be an issue. Here are my installed programs. Unfortunately i don't know which one it is using. [Hidden Content] Here is my game folder. [Hidden Content] here is my settings TTX.ini Hopefully this will help.
  2. @fire10 I just tested mine, and it is working fine. I have not added any extra files. I copied the game loader all RH config and launcher. I ran config without changing anything and saved it. set up keys with the ttx_config. and then ran the launcher. Let me know if you are still not working and i'll post a pic of the C++ files i have installed.
  3. Did you install of the direct x sdk, and the microsoft c++ files?
  4. does anyone have idmacdrv32.dll CRC: 47f7e64c it is blazblue central fiction's original idmacdrve32.dll
  5. I was finally able to find Battle Gear 4 tuned (Australia) It is not emulated but hopefully one day it will be. [Hidden Content] If there are any issues with the file let me know and i'll reupload it.
  6. ahh shame. ok thanks for letting me know. thanks for looking though.
  7. Cool where did you find it? Are you able to share it?
  8. Thanks petje, That's what i figured.
  9. Ok you can zoom in and see it now. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Im not sure. I have a .dat file for clrmamepro. It lists the following games. Battle Gear 4 Tuned (2006) Battle Gear 4 tuned (2006) (Australia) Battle Gear 4 v2.03 (2005) (Europe-GB) It says i have 2006, and europe-gb, but not Australia. The Australia does have a lot of different files. it has a different game.exe as well. i cant get it to make the picture larger...
  11. Taito Type X+ should be found in the fist post of this thread. The only game i can't find is Battle Gear Tuned 4 (Australia) All of Daphne / Singe can be found in this thread.
  12. try now, i uploaded the bat files again.
  13. Added Piou's Puss in Boots, and Chante's Stone to the first post under the fan made games. I think Chante's Stone is the same as Triad Stone, just a different name. Also added r0nin's links to HVG's remasters, His Time Travler 3D, winUAE+Gallagher Gallery.
  14. Thanks r0n1n, I will get your links to the first post as soon as i can.
  15. Merci r0n1n. J'ai ajouté votre Dragon's Lair et Mad Dog à la liste principale sous les sections remasterisées. Merci pour le conseil! Ajouté à la première publication Thank you for the tip IIII55! Added it to the first post.