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  1. @madbrawler Are you using clrmamepro with the dat file? If so how do you have it setup? I can't get it to detect my files.
  2. Some scripts in the alg games have the incorrect paths.i fixed the scripts. Extract to the daphne singe root folder and overwrite the files. ALG update - [Hidden Content]
  3. Link has been posted for the DL games. Let me know if you need help installing anything or find any bad links.
  4. Uploading the final set of games. This is my entire collection. I do not have any other games. I do have a remastered version/letterbox version of Cliff Hanger that i will upload, but this is it. I also uploaded a picture of Thayer's quest keyboard. [Hidden Content]
  5. @Gwyllion Great... thanks for your help! I have one more set being created, and then the Daphne/Singe set will be complete.
  6. According to this page it only works on PHillips CD-I. The game was called Escape from Cyber City. [Hidden Content] I added the regular non Digital Leisure games in the Daphne section. The videos were downloaded directly from the Daphne emulator when they used to provide them. I have also included bat files for all of the different rom versions of the games in the batfiles/alternates folder.
  7. no not yet... i tried and got the scrambled text, but i also have not had much time to play with it yet.
  8. Ok uploaded Firefox chd for Mame. It is with the other firefox links.
  9. i tried it in the latest version .214. I got the chd from Pleasuredome, but i'll upload my chd for you.
  10. It supposedly works in Mame. I tried it and the video plays, but i was not able to add coins... not sure if i broke my mame or not as i reinstalled my system, and have been moving things around. I just had these videos forever but never actually played them.
  11. Désolé, j'ai corrigé le lien. Sorry. I fixed the link. I also added the link for the MPEG version of Firefox. Will upload MPEG version of Freedom Fighters soon.
  12. Updated post with links to Daphne emulator, and i think i got everyone's remasters included. Will upload the other old Daphne games ASAP. Let me know if anyone needs anything else. Does anyone have the 3D version of Time Traveler?
  13. Here is the full Daphne and Daphne Singe set. They are the original versions directly from the emulator. If you need something let me know. I have linked other members remastered contributions and fan made games as well. If you want me to remove your links please let me know. This is my entire set... i do not have any other games. Daphne Singe Emulator Daphne Singe v1.14 - [Hidden Content] Here is a .bat file that will allow you to play all Singe games from a single file. Provided by User190x Note: If a game don't start (especially Mad Dog McCree DVD), open the .bat file with notepad. Check the name of the framefile & script for your game. If it's not the same, rename it & save. This .bat file will need to be edited to work with my downloads.This bat file works with the standard install of ALG, and ActionMax. I will edit it and upload a different version that works my my uploads, or you can edit the bat to point to the correct frame file and script. Daphne Singe - Play Games.bat Systems American Laser Games Crime Patrol Drug Wars Who Shot Johnny Rock The Last Bounty Hunter Mad Dog Mad Dog 2 Time Traveler v2.0 Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ALG folder to play game. ALG part 1 - [Hidden Content] ALG part 2 - [Hidden Content] ALG part 3 - [Hidden Content] ALG part 4 - [Hidden Content] some scripts in the above downloads have the incorrect paths.here are the fixed files. Extract to the daphne singe root folder and overwrite the files. ALG update - [Hidden Content] WoW Action Max 38 Ambush Alley Blue Thunder HydroSub 2021 Pops Ghostly Sonic Fury I have each game in it's own folder and adjusted the .singe files to point to these folders. Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ActionMax folder to play game. WoW ActionMax - [Hidden Content] This plugin is only needed if you want to do a fresh install. The download above already has the plugin added. The plugin has all of the games ran from one folder. Copy the video and audio files into the singe folder if installing a fresh version. WoW ActionMax Singe plugin - [Hidden Content] Arcade TimeGal Time Travler Ninja Hayate Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ folder to play game. Arcade Singe - [Hidden Content] Fan Made Fire and Ice Excellent Fan made game created by Karis 16/9 : - [Hidden Content] 4/3 : - [Hidden Content] Daphne Emulator Latest version of Daphne. After running DaphneLoader it will update to v1.0-2.2.11 v1.0 - [Hidden Content] This version has Goal to Goal in the menu. Game does not work though. Daphne v99.6c - [Hidden Content] Attached, link for Daphne Loader modified to run Goal to Go.Provided by Gwllion [Hidden Content] cliffalt rom is needed. gtg ROM dont works!!! PS: its the same function like my .bat, but here you can redefine the keys. Here is a bat file from User190x that will allow you to run all Daphne games from one file. It's one .bat file that I made to launch every Daphne game. There's several option you can choose (infinite life, rom, language). I also put the info to how start Thayer's Quest and some info for Goal to Go before you launch it. note: For Dragon's Lair 1 & 2, Space Ace and SDQ, there's a good chance that people will have to rename the framefile, since there's several name. If that's the case, open it with notepad & use Ctrl + H to replace all. Daphne - Play Games Non Digital Leisure games Here are the non Digital Leisure Daphne games. Daphne used to let you download all files directly from the emulator. These are the videos that Daphne provided. I think Cliff Hanger is the only one you could not actually download, and the version I have is a remastered version. I have also included bat files for you to play all versions available in Daphne. The preferred version is in the main Batfiles folder, but also In the Batfiles folder there is an alternates folder that has the different versions of the games. The videos are the same, just the roms are different. For example there Super Don-Quixote has two alternate roms that play shorter scenes. Cobra Command is another game that you can easily see the differences in roms. Astron Belt / "Hitachi" & "Pioneer" laserdisc version Badlands / "standard" & "prototype" Bega's Battle / "rev 3" & "rev 1" Cliff Hanger / "standard" & "alt 1" Cobra Command / "Astron Belt HW" - "Mach 3 hardware" - "Dedicated Bega's Battle HW" & "cliff hanger / Interstellar / Dragon's Lair Conversion" Esh's Aurunmilla / standard, "alt 1" & "alt 2" Galaxy Ranger / "Hitachi" & "Pioneer" laserdisc version GP World Interstellar Mach 3 Road Blaster Star Blazer Super Don Quix-ote / "standard" - "short scenes" & "short scenes alt" Us vs Them Extract to the Daphne root directory. Daphne non DL games - [Hidden Content] DL Games Here are the DL games. These videos are what are downloaded from the Daphne emulator. I believe they are the original videos. The preferred versions are in the root of the BatFiles folder. There is als an Alternates folder that contains Batfiles for all versions of the games Daphne supports. Dragon's Lair USA (NTSC 1983) Disc - Rev F2/ Rev F/ Rev E/ Rev D/ Rev C/ Rev B/ Rev A/ Beta 2/ Beta 1(serial#1)/ Enhancement v2.1/ Enhancement v1.1 European Philips (PAL 1983) Disc - European/ Italian European Software Corner (Pal 1991) Disc - Missing DLP Limited Edition (NTSC 2002) Disc - (Enhancement v2.1 prototype mode) Beta 2 does not work. I cant find the correct roms for it, and Daphne will not run the game. Dragon's Lair 2 English 2nd Pressing Disc - 3.19/ 3.19(European)/ 3.18/ 3.16(European)/ 3.15/ 3.14/ 3.00/ 2.11 Spanish 2nd Pressing Disc - Missing DId not include 3.19(Spanish) as disc is missing Space Ace USA (NTSC 1983) Disc - Rev A/ Enhanced v1.0/ Rev A2/ Rev A European Philips (Pal 1983) Disc - European European Software Corner (PAL 1991) Disc - Missing USA Re-Make (NTSC 1991) Disc - Missing Did not included remake (1991) as disc is missing Thayer's Quest Thayer's Quest keyboard - [Hidden Content] Arcade, Part 1 Disc - Missing Video from other source - standard/ alternate/ 'swearing' ROM Hack I don't think you were able to download Thayer's Quest from Daphne. Found the video elsewhere. Extract to Daphne root folder. DL Games - [Hidden Content] Hard to find games Here are the old Daphne games that were removed. I don't think the ever actually worked. Goal to Goal - [Hidden Content] Firefox - [Hidden Content] Firefox mpeg Version - [Hidden Content] Firefox Mame CHD - [Hidden Content] Freedom Fighter - [Hidden Content] Freedom Fighter mpeg version - [Hidden Content] Remastered Dragon's Lair Blueray remastered by Dex77 Game + CD Layout - [Hidden Content] KEY: !k-KPBEkh4-Q9ZqOzVrLFZS1B4X2YntsTEJHmKbp-MnU Dex77's thread ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1080p/720p 4x3 version made by HVG - Dragons Lair HD 4x3 HVG's thread Dragon's Lair II Time Warp Bluray 4:3 remaster by Dex77 - [Hidden Content] KEY: !FFUoY_aE4S33T0IDpH3emGkhffloXrlNfic8URWlH3g Dex77's thread ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HD 4:3 720/1080 by Karis With grain - [Hidden Content] Without grain - [Hidden Content] Karis's thread Space Ace Blueray remastered by Dex77 SA: GAME - [Hidden Content] KEY: !5OsuNq6jJpVi5MeAWMeBS7nZwJR44dv8YmWbvqUVZO8 CD LAYOUT - [Hidden Content] KEY: !823zz-5bbTPJnE6g2RJzc13qYmLo_wB4dxahNTfo4fs Audio fix - Space Ace audio fix Dex77's thread ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HD 4/3 720x1080 by Karis With grain - [Hidden Content] Without grain - [Hidden Content] Karis's topic Cliff Hanger Bluray remaster by Dex77 - [Hidden Content] Key: !RxySDyPJx8DOftkbS2tpdgZC7ClDVea1QQ9t6LOUtx0 Dex77's thread American Laser Games Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree restored 720x480 by HVG - [Hidden Content] HVG's thread Mad Dog McCree 2 720x480 restore by HVG - [Hidden Content] HVG's thread Arcade TimeGal TimeGal Remastered by Dex77 - [Hidden Content] KEY: !PMoJRiM3NvVrxTXtK8aJRcJTW5tI5mX2Cl_N8mJJbgQ Dex77's thread Alternate links Full 26 Daphne/Singe set alternate link provided by Gwyllion [Hidden Content]
  14. WOW Action Max Daphne Singe Set

    Fixed some scripts... uploading a new set and will create a new topic for Daphne/singe
  15. WOW Action Max Daphne Singe Set

    Was this set actually working? I stored the games on a different drive than the emulator, and forgot i changed the scripts to point to the other drive. I'm uploading the entire Daphne Singe collection right now. I have changed the scripts so they work on any drive and run from the emulator directory. I will post a new thread in a little bit.