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  1. These are not my files, but i will see if still have the files. Give me a little bit to see if i can fix this. Somehow the link got moved to the bottom of the post. I deleted the bad link and moved the correct one back to where it is supposed to be. Use the link now.
  2. what program are you using to keep the order of your controllers?
  3. Rex it has been stated many times that Time Gal wont work in 16/9. It will cut off a big part of the video. Many of the moves require doing moves that would be cut off. You should ask for Titan A.E in Karis' thread for Titan A.E as he is the one that created it. I think the original movie had the borders, so the video would probably be stretched to get rid of them.
  4. scroll down about half way through the first post. it is in the Daphne Singe section under Fan games. It is after the games Freedom Fighters / Star Blazers / Platoon
  5. Added nado74's Asterix fan game to the Daphne Singe 1 games.
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Does anyone know why i can only run Dragon Dance once? if I delete the sv folder and start fresh Dragon Dance will load. As soon as I assign keys for coin and start i can run it once and play. when i quit the game, and then restart it, it starts to load and then glarh crashes.
  7. Do you have the klite codec pack? Someone else had the speed issue, and they removed the klite codec, and singe 2 started working for them. I'm not sure the required specs, but i don't think you need anything overly powerful to run it.
  8. yeah, i have one in mind. I just need to see if I can find the video, and find the time to do it. Hopefully soon i'll have something to contribute!
  9. Thanks Karis, Because of you I've been watching more movies and thinking this would be a fun Singe game.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    is there supposed to be text in Deamon Bride? I dont have any text where it looks like there should be text.
  11. Updated first post, and added Singe 2 info. Removed information for fan games for Singe 1. Updated remastered versions for Daphne games. All remastered versions should be added. I think I got everything correct. Please let me know if I'm missing something or have someone credited wrong.
  12. Sì, controlla i tuoi driver audio. Se è Realtek, questo è il tuo problema. Avevo i driver audio realtek e quando correvo singe balbettava e il video veniva riprodotto troppo velocemente. Se guardassi il file .mp4 al di fuori di Singe, funzionerebbe bene. Dopo aver cambiato i miei driver audio in un suono generico di Windows HD, i problemi di balbuzie e video sono scomparsi. I driver audio Realtek causano problemi anche in altri programmi. Non puoi fare clic su nulla guardando il file .mp4. Singe deve essere in esecuzione affinché tu possa fare clic su qualsiasi cosa. Yes, check your sound drivers. If it is Realtek, this is your problem. I had realtek sound drivers, and when i ran singe it would stutter, and the video played too fast. If i watched the .mp4 file outside of singe it would play fine. Once i changed my sound drivers to generic windows hd sound the stutter and video issues went away. Realtek sound drivers cause issues in other programs as well. You can't click anything watching the .mp4 file. Singe has to be running for you to be able to click anyting.
  13. Is your sound card a realtek? if it is you need to change the drivers of your sound card. I used generic windows hd sound drivers. la tua scheda audio è un realtek? se è necessario modificare i driver della scheda audio. Ho usato driver audio generici per Windows HD.
  14. @Karis Would you be able to convert Ninja Hayate over to singe 2?
  15. i think cube quest is in Mame. I've never ran it, but i think i saw that it works somewhere.