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  1. Yep... doesnt work for me either. Windows 10.
  2. [Hidden Content] Dragon's Lair III is a 2005 video game published in the DVD format by Digital Leisure, employing footage captured from Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair gameplay. It plays much like Dragon's Lair and subsequent Laserdisc games, yet without specifically-made animation as it simply employs gameplay fotage from another video game.
  3. PinMame

    @djd Do you know how to run a cracked version of FX3 with pinup player/popper?
  4. This is what I have for fade titles. Hopefully this will work for you. copy what is between the " ". It is case sensitive. Akai katana and puzzle bobble just have spaces 3D Cosplay - "3DCustomMahjong" Akai katana - " " Aquapazza - "AQ15" Arcana Heart 2 - "AH2" Arcana Heart 3 - "AH3" Battle Fantasia - "BattleFantasia" BlazBlue Central Fiction - "Blaz Blue" BlazBlue Chronophantasma - "Blaz Blue" chaos breaker - "GAME" chaos code - "Chaos Code: KeyboardPlayer = 2P" crimson clover - "CrimzonClover for NESiCAxLive" daemon bride - "DB1" dark awake - "GAME" dragon dance - cant get it to load correctly elevator action - "CS Emulation Engine" en-eins perfekewelt - "ƒGƒkƒAƒCƒ“Š®‘S¢ŠE" exception - "exception" gouketsuji - "?????" homura -"HOMURA for TypeX" hyper street fighter -"MT FRAMEWORK" ikaruga - "Ikaruga" magical beat - "Beat Drop [Win x86, x64, AC]" nitroplus blasters - "NP10" p4u the ultimate in mayonaka - "Persona 4 the Ultimate in MAYONAKA ARENA" p4u the ultimax ultra suplex - "Persona 4 the Ultimax ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD" psychic force - "Psychic Force 2012" puzzle bobble - " " raiden III - "(C)2005 MOSS LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." raiden IV -"RAIDEN 4 (C)2007 2011 MOSS LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." rastan saga - "CS Emulation Engine" run for your drink - "Do Not Fall" samurai spirits - "Samurai Shodown 3D Ver[Dec 7 2011 15:59:46]" senko no ronde duo - cant get it to load skullgirls - "Skullgirls Encore" space invaders - cant get it to load strania - "game" street fighter III - "MT FRAMEWORK" street fighter zero 3 - "MT FRAMEWORK" suggoi! Arcana heart v2.6 - "AH2" kof 98 UM - "Kof98" kof 2002 UM - cant get to load kof XIII - "KOF XIII" rumble fish - "TRF2" tottemo e-mahjong - "e_mahjong AC" trouble witches AC - "ƒgƒ‰ƒuƒ‹™ƒEƒBƒbƒ`[ƒY‚`‚b Version 1.12" ultra street fighter IV - "SSFIVAE - Dec 22 2015 13:40:18" vampire savior - "MT FRAMEWORK" Yatagarasu - "yatagarasuAC"
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Can someone help me please? I can't get the following games to work with GLARH. They all just have a black screen. Senko No Ronde Duo - Dis-United Order for NESiCAxLive v2.35 The King of Fighters 2002 - Unlimited Match for NESiCAxLive The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition for NESiCAxLive I am able to get them to work with Jconfig though. Also Samurai Spirits Sen for NESiCAxLive I get an I/O error. Thanks,
  6. Galaxy Gunners JP ( 2021)

    Thanks for the info eathearty1. Will be removing this
  7. Galaxy Gunners JP ( 2021)

    what is the password?
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Does anyone know why Cars would just sit at resuming dll?
  9. When i try to run it through Teknoparrot, it just sits at resuming dll. Am I missing something?
  10. jdownloader doesnt work with uptobox in blocked countries. you still need vpn. At least the last time i tried it didnt work.
  11. I'm in us and can download as many files as i need from uptobox with the hola vpn. I choose Europe based countries and change the country after each file starts. If a country doesn't work i click on the no it's not working button in hola, and it tries a new connection for that country. The only issue I run into is hola gives 2hrs of free Vpn. then you have to wait a little while before it reloads. If my downloads take more than 2 hrs... i have to wait for the vpn to reload, then i can start again.
  12. get the hola vpn client for Chrome. You can download from uptobox with out issue. Start your first download... when it starts downloading start the second download. when it says wait an hour... change your vpn location. you can now download the second file with only waiting 50 seconds. The first download will continue to download without issue. Keep doing this, and you can get multiple files without having to wait that long.
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Check the Jconfig thread. there is a jconfig that lets you play storm g. It is on either the last or second to last page. It's been updated and lets you turn of MSAA
  14. Does Jconfig64 work on the older games? Is it better to use jconfig64, or jconfig32? Also what is the difference between idmac64, and idmac32? When do you know which one to use?
  15. That thread has Time Gal and Ninja Hayate for Singe1 Karis has made TIme Gal for Singe 2 [Hidden Content] Poiu made Ninja Hayate for Singe 2