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  1. Thanks famawizard. i updated the first post with your new version.
  2. Wow! Thanks for all your hard work on these and your singe games!
  3. Karis just curious... do you just pull the videos from the Bluray discs, and then touch them up?
  4. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    Ok do the following if you dont have the Daphne Singe emulator download it here. Daphne Singe v1.14 - [Hidden Content] copy the singe folder into the main daphne_singe folder copy the starblazers folder into the daphne_singe\singe folder overwrite the fai.txt file copy the starblazers.bat file to the main daphne_singe folder edit the starblazers.bat file to have the following. You need to add singe/ to the start of the frame file entry. its in red below. " @daphne.exe singe vldp -opengl -x 1920 -y 1080 -fullscreen_window -noserversend -volume_vldp 64 -volume_nonvldp 32 -sound_buffer 2048 -framefile singe/starblazers/fai.txt -script singe/starblazers/setupgame.singe " click the starblazers.bat file to run the game. The Daphne / Singe thread has links to all of the laser disc games if you dont have them.
  5. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    it runs in the daphne singe emulator. You can get the daphne singe from my master thread that has all of the laserdisc games. I'll get it working on my system and either upload a new bat file for you or tell you what to edit.
  6. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    right click the .bat file and click on edit.
  7. Added famawizard's Star Blazers to the Singe Arcade Games as this was originally an arcade game. My Mega account is maxed out. If someone can host Star Blazers in case famawizard has to take his link down let me know.
  8. my mega account is full I will have to try to make a new account. Oh i have a feeling on what might be the problem. I think i copied the link that was pm'd to me. I uploaded the files to the forum. See if these work. Daphne - Play Games.bat Daphne Singe - Play Games.bat
  9. Maybe log out and log back in. it must be an issue with your account or the website... im able to download those files. you can play the games without those bat files. the main downloads contain a batfile folder that has the individual bat files to load the games. the files you are trying to download let you play all the games from one file instead.
  10. Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous demandez. J'ai l'émulateur Daphne dans les liens. Extrayez l'émulateur, puis extrayez les liens du jeu dans le dossier daphne. Le dossier daphne contient un dossier batfiles. Il suffit de lancer le fichier .bat pour le jeu que vous voulez et il se chargera. Je n'ai pas utilisé le système de rappel afin que je ne sache pas de quoi il a besoin, mais si c'est comme la plupart des autres interfaces, vous devriez pouvoir pointer vers le fichier .bat. Voici l'émulateur Daphne. Il suffit de l'extraire et de l'installer. Extrayez ensuite les jeux dans le dossier daphne. [Hidden Content] Faites-moi savoir si vous avez encore besoin d'aide pour exécuter les jeux. J'utilise un traducteur français alors j'espère que cela a du sens.
  11. Added poiu's Samurai Jack
  12. Vous utilisez l'émulateur Daphne ou les fichiers .bat du dossier batfiles.
  13. I have the DVD. I'll see if i can rip it. I dont do much with video editing software so I'll see what i can do. It is currently set for 16:9. If you dont have that, Karis said he will be releasing a 4:9 version.
  14. I dont think so. I have never come across it.
  15. Thanks 7zxkv. I added Karis' Titan A.E. teaser. I'll change it to the full game when he provides it. I dont have the files for HVG's remasters. if anyone has them let me know and i'll add them to my files and re-share them. Should i remove his topics from this list?