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joeplay a gagné pour la dernière fois le 12 octobre 2017

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  1. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Same problem here, keyboard don´t Works, any solution for this? Any way to play with keyboard?
  2. segasonic bross MAME dump

    Can anyone compile a 32 bits version please?!!
  3. [Arcade PC] Ultra street fighter 4 arcade (Taito Type X3)

    Link don' t works for me with megadownloader. Another link please!!!
  4. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    Estos juegos funcionan perfectamente salvo los controles en xp 32 bits, por lo tanto no entiendo el porqué hacer un loader que solo funciona en 64bits, y menos cuando encima ya existe otro, el teknoparrot, que carga los mismos juegos.
  5. [Arcade PC] Far Cry Paradise jouable

    FarCry_MouseEnabler.exe works, but the crosshairs always return to the center, which makes it very difficult and exasperating to play with the mouse. Any solution to this problem, please?
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    Pokken Tournament is added in new teknoparrot v1.34, but i don,t found any upload of this game.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    Keyboard and Xbox360 pad don't work for me in this game. I press test button and nothing occurs. Can you upload your configuration file for keyboard and pad for MKGPDX?. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hitman pro detect virus in aliens dehasped.exe??!!!
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    Same problem here. Any solution?
  10. How did you get it work?
  11. it freezes on the loading screen and the game does not start. Anyone can help me?
  12. I have the same problem. How have you managed to make it work? it freezes on the loading screen and the game does not start. Can you help me please?
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    only patreon. Last public version is 1.06 and don´t includes ID7.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    Teknoparrot 1.05 is out!!! But not new games added :(
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    [Hidden Content] Public version.