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  1. When will jconfig emu be released for other technoparrot games, thank you very much for the flybit golden gun game. Intel card fits emu, you did a great job!
  2. Games must be fully tested with jconfig, and if jconfig runs 100 percent games without error, jconfig should be released! The games must be tested with Intel, AMD, Nvida graphics cards and Intel, AMD processors. If a hundred games run without error, jconfig should be released.
  3. Sega Golden Gun jconfig version ready? Is there a link? Which games will Flybit currently create with jconfig? What games are running on Flybit?
  4. Which is mach storm credit and start key? Mach storm controller?
  5. Nokey asla sana karşı gelmem.Sen benim ustamsın.Saygısızlık yaptıysam özür dilerim!Upload uzmanı sensin!Ben upload ettim demem nokey.İyi geceler!Uyarı için teşekkürler!
  6. need for speed carbon arcade, mediafire link or googledrive link?
  7. mega://enc2?gQ-oLKAojzpGgWLvRjFd1fxU3ycX47tynW-sySa1EKVKUFVG4QoK2Ix2R-btRpeRJrQ-Qio61i-2jcfwAtK7VA the above link does not work. need for speed carbon arcade working link?
  8. Fighting Climax rom (Sega RingEdge 2) [Hidden Content]
  9. Sega Dream Raiders rom [Hidden Content] Sega Dream Raiders jconfig [Hidden Content]
  10. mach storm coin and start ? menu control key?
  11. MAME & clones 0.217

    What is glove pie? How to use? Where do we put the light gun pie file?
  12. MAME & clones 0.217

    Thank you sonic323
  13. MAME & clones 0.217

    meganz or mediafire link? mama 0.174.rar