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  1. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Some findings from today that may be helpful to others: I was able to get KFC-008-2020122200 working well with latest spicetools and Asphyxia following advice elsewhere in this thread. Some things worth noting / looking for any insight on the following: Audio only works from main line out on my PC, I cant get any other method to work. Enabling Shared Mode WASAPI just makes sound not work at all. I have to run in windowed mode, because when using full screen the video freezes completely - the game is still running but just frozen on some frame - if I alt tab away and back the frozen frame is 'updated' to whatever state the game was in that instant. What's odd is that this didn't happen the very first time I successfully ran the game. Due to this, only windowed mode is playable right now. EDIT: As a follow-up re: #2 - if I switch my display to portrait the fullscreen issue does not occur.
  2. Aqua is pretty straight forward - just need to put your IP (command prompt -> ipconfig -> IPv4 address) in `application.properties` and run it. Make sure this same IP is in segatools as well
  3. This happened to me I think when one of the server-related bits in segatools.ini were wrong. Otherwise following redalchemy's advice worked well. Game is playable but I get BAD for Title Server ( タイトルサーバー ) in the startup, which prevents using aime card. I assume for this to work would require some changes to minime or a patch like Chunithm. Sometimes the game will just do a pretty significant hiccup for a second, usually in song selection or transitioning between screens but occasionally during songs :( Also - setting `coin` key in segatools doesn't do anything for me - any insight here? EDIT: Using aqua v0.0.16 instead of minime allows aime card to work! Also realized that the some of the hiccups I was having during songs were from the mouse escaping the Ongeki window and then pressing one of the side buttons which are mapped to left and right click!