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  1. need coin patch for this game
  2. [Util] Insert Crédits

    check ur inbox
  3. [Trad French] Initial D ZERO 1.31 & 2.11

    not working my side..
  4. [Trad French] Initial D ZERO 1.31 & 2.11

    how you boot this game? TP support 2.11.00?
  5. use rh loader or AHK rotate screen script
  6. [Util] Insert Crédits

    not yet fixed or coin patch
  7. [Arcade PC] Dirty Drivin' 2011 (Raw Thrills)

    use coin patch for it. problem already solved
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    use coin patch for it. problem solved
  9. MAME & clones 0.229

    any one expert to add games in mame source coding and compile it?
  10. [Arcade PC] Super Street Fighter IV v1.3

    this is single play game
  11. TEKNOPARROT LAN Racing Games

    fantastic job
  12. I stopped you several times not to mention me but I think you want to bark like a dog.
  13. Chunithm Crystal / Paradise Download (mirror) If you are asked for a password "bbs.bemanicn.cc" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHUNITHM CRYSTAL Modder crap links Original SDBT_1.40 (Pass if need: 5weh ) Original SDBT_1.40 encrypted (Pass if need: 49m8 ) SDBT_1.40.00_All Elements Unlock Patch.rar Chunithm Crystal standard extraction code.rar Chunithm_Unlocker.zip ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- update v1.45 (plus): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] .rar and .vhd file can be extracted with 7zip Overwrite / merge, files / folders in Chunithm Crystal Keep your Chunithm Crystal chuniApp.exe do not overwrite ! The included Chunithm Crystal Plus chuniApp.exe does not work, probably still encrypted ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update v1.45 to v1.50 (paradise) [Hidden Content] Option data: [Hidden Content] minime here. add-on: SDBT_A009_20210312134659_0.vhd + SDBT_A011_20210312134728_0.vhd (or [Hidden Content]) (Chunithm A009 and A011 option / expansion, .vhd files, open with (not mount) PowerIso) mirror: A006-A008.7z = [Hidden Content] A009.zip = [Hidden Content] A011.zip = [Hidden Content] A006, A008, A009, and A011 are Paradise. A020 is Crystal. A114 is both. AFAIK it’s the deleted content from all previous versions. Mirror: here.
  14. ver.1.3 ver.2.0 ver.2.1 ver.2.3 dumped but only ver.1.31 support by TeknoParrot yet if TP support 2.0 i will shared 2.0 and 2.1 dump