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  1. [teknoparrot] Sega golden gun full screen patch

    make ahk or vbs script for full screen.
  2. Art of Fighting : Trouble in Southtown

    already arcade adoption last year
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Workaround for RumbleFish2 locale issue (missing music) by Nezarn (READ THE README HOW TO USE, extract to game folder\Release\data\sound 99.74 KB RumbleFish2_music_locale_workaround.7z
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    if you are using Game Loader All RH.exe in Launchbox then kill Game Loader All RH.exe file game automatically exit. other wise make an other bat or ahk file for kill game filles
  5. RConfig v1.0 Beta Universal emulator for RingEdge, RingEdge2 and RingWide games Half the list of games works without any additional patches !!! Arcade Love Pengo Arcade Love Pengo Ver.B Blade Stranger v1.3.2 Blade Arcus from shining v2.10 Caladrius AC Dead Or Alive 5 Dead Or Alive 5 Update1 v2.00 LR1.01 Dead Or Alive 5 Update2 v2.02 LR1.05 Dead Or Alive 5 Update3 v2.06 LR1.09 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign v1.10 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign v1.11 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.00 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.01 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.10 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.01 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.11 Fighting Climax Fighting Climax v1.30 Fighting Climax Ignition v2.32 Koihime Enbu RaiRai v2.13 Melty Blood v1.07b Phantom Breaker v1.10 Under Defeat HD + Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v2.03 Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v2.3 Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late [st] v3.30 - Fixed steering wheel values for racing games, thanks to sketch boi for letting me know - Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, fixed introduction - Added RawImput code for all gun games, enabling two mouses at the same time (Thanks to Ducon) - Support to change resolution - Ring_Unlocker updated and added to ring_loader.exe RConfig.exe - Deadzone increased to 990 - Buttons are assimilated before axis - Code optimization of xinput gamepads Special Thanks !!! [PEON] - For capturing all packages from the io board startup checks. - Tcp code for the games that need it. Celinefumuk - For helping to find ring_unlocker adresses. CiTrON - For helping with the logo design. Download
  6. Finally 4 working mame roms

    already working last year
  7. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    [Hidden Content]
  8. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    [Hidden Content]
  9. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    [Hidden Content]
  10. use latest demul or sanwa joystick for flycast
  11. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    [Hidden Content]
  12. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    Dolphin Blue converted
  13. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    any friend interesting in Open Bor arcade adaption?
  14. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    cool... we want all others
  15. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    when will come more games in dream cast ?