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  1. Lol, you CCP leakers will never get WACCA Lily R from me.
  2. Anyone wants SDFE 2.50.00? Lmao.
  3. Lmao. So many lamers. [Hidden Content]
  4. Here is option data, because some guys are ungrateful assholes, paradise is 2 months old. Thanks to uncle sega, Happy playing. Expires tomorrow. [Hidden Content]
  5. Some guys are really ungrateful assholes lol. Always complaints. chuniApp.exe 1.50.00 Autoplay 0x747369 0x01 Title server workaround 0xD04D09 0x31 0xDB 0x90 0x90 0x90 0x90 0x3E2832 0xC3 Force Shared Audio Mode, System Audio Sample Rate Must be 48000 0xD1134A 0x00 Disable shop close lockout 0x9DD843 0xEB Disable Song Select Timer 0x784A42 0xEB Set All Timers to 999 0x62D790 0xB8 0x58 0x3E 0x0F 0x00 0x90 0x90 0x90 0x90 0x90 Allow as the network server 0x9B5BF0 0x31 0xC0 0xC3 0x1743510 0x30 0x2F 0x38 0x00 Force 2 channel audio output 0xD11421 0x90 0x90
  6. ver 1.55 leak: CHUNITHM PARADISE LOST
  7. upgrade 1.45 to 1.50 (paradise): [Hidden Content] + unpacked exe Mirror this file fast! 1.50 leaked 2 days ago and quickly removed by 1cc, emuline admins.