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  1. Yes, it’ll work for playing Paradise. Just grab and use the ‘full io’ chuniio.dll from this post: It’ll configure the in-game keys to match the tasoller’s 32-key layout.
  2. So if you installed official host and led 2.0 on it, does it act like a keyboard (types letters when you press the touch keys)? If it does, it’s working as intended. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely on 1.1. You’ll only see rainbow leds with the custom fw. The official fw uses I think a two color scheme that you can change. Also one thing I just remembered about. It’s been observed that the custom fw has issues working with some PCs that have AMD based chipset for some reason. Some people have been able to get around that with a usb expansion card that plugs into a PCIe slot. For the people that doesn’t work for, their only choice is using official fw.
  3. Only way I know of is try installing 2.0 official host and LED, and see if it works. If it does, you’re on 2.0; if not, it’s 1.1. Like I said, you’re very likely on 2.0 already since you got it recently. I think all tasollers made after around June have 2.0 on them.
  4. The step with the UART cable is only needed for upgrading from 1.1 touch to 2.0 touch. If you’re already on 2.0 touch, that’s the part I said you can skip. The zadig driver is just a Windows driver, and is only needed with the custom Host and LED firmware. So if you are running custom fw, install/keep it installed on Windows. It does not change anything in the con itself.
  5. Regarding custom firmware, did you get the tasoller recently? There's two official touch firmwares for it: 1.1 and 2.0. If your controller is recent, it likely has 2.0 on it. 1.1 host & led firmware is not compatible with 2.0 touch, and it's the same for custom where you have to use a matching version. So you can't use 1.1 custom on one that has 2.0 official touch. I don't have a link off hand for the custom 2.0 fw. As far as going back to official fw, just follow the guide on dj-dao's website for it (see support section:[Hidden Content]). Note same bit from above applies. If your controller has the 2.0 touch firmware, you have to install the 2.0 host & led firmware as 1.1 won't work with it. Also if your con has 2.0 touch, you don't have to reinstall that part per the guide as the custom fw only overwrites the host and LED firmware.
  6. The unlocker (and the other similar methods to unlock stuff) modify numerous xml files in the game data to unlock things, not the chuniapp.exe. The only easy way I know of to reset everything is to re-extract a fresh unmodified copy of the whole game (including any option files). As for your profile if you want to start fresh with it like as if it's brand new, there's two simple ways to do that. 1) In the minime files, there is a 'data' folder, and within it is a 'db.sqlite' file. Delete that file. 2) In your Chunithm files, there's a 'DEVICE' folder in the same place chuniapp.exe and start.bat are. In that folder is 'felica.txt' file that has a 16-character text string. Change that text string and save. Just need one character different, and it has to be either a 0-9 or A-F. Changing it is basically the equivalent of using a different card number. Just remember that resetting your profile is separate from anything done by an unlocker. If you reset the profile but use it on data that has everything unlocked, everything will still be unlocked.
  7. It's not meant to boot up the game. Aqua is just a simulated server for saving profiles/scores. When you get the OKs like that, it means it's ready and good to go. If you haven't already, update your segatools.ini with your computer's IP address. Then you run the game with the start.bat file in the package folder.
  8. JAVA_HOME variable is close, but isn't exactly setup right. Remove the "\bin" at the end of the variable value. You want to point at the main directory of the java installation you want to use, not one of the sub folders.
  9. These are my options prior to the new options files that dropped today: After adding today's latest options (and unlocking songs as usual), my current song count is 999. Pops & Anime: 229 niconico: 168 Touhou: 102 Variety: 139 Irodori Midori: 68 Gekimai: 53 Original: 240
  10. My song counts in Paradise as of A023 is a total of 994. Pops & Anime: 229 niconico: 168 Touhou: 102 Variety: 139 Irodori Midori: 68 Gekimai: 53 Original: 235 And for future reference regarding your post on getting a patched paradise ChuniApp, again you can use Chunithm Tools to patch it, and it's super easy to use too. Search for it in this thread.
  11. Chunithm Tools can also patch the Paradise ChuniApp, and it's still available.
  12. Use PowerISO. It's been the recommended program for extracting from these vhds repeatedly throughout this thread.
  13. What are you using to extract? I just redownloaded A021 (from the 1fichier link), and it opens just fine for me in PowerISO.
  14. I imagine there's something like that in there because I can take the newest AXXX folder out of my option folder, and the song count goes back to the numbers I had before this update.
  15. I believe this is for Paradise.