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  1. Ouverture BIN Teknoparrot

    Bonjour, Les fichiers .bin peuvent s'extraire avec PowerISO par exemple. Ensuite, en fonction du jeu il faut choisir un fichier. Par exemple pour OR2 il s'agit de disk0\Jennifer\Jennifer..
  2. Nice work ! Thank you very much for your job !
  3. Awesome thank you for this ! Can you please add option to inverse the mouse ? Up = Up Down = Down Works perfectly ! Thank you very much argonlefou !!! I was looking for something like this and you did it ! Can you force Down checkbox enabled everytime exe is launched or a command line switch to force it ? It will be very helpfull for me.
  4. Primal Rage 2 Working MAME CHD

    Thank you, nice work !