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  1. After hard work, I managed to get the game started. But I can't play. I have looked at the long list of customizable keys, but there is no "insert token" key. Please tell me how to start an emulated laserdisc game with Winuae. Which keys? (Like Mame 5 coin, 1 start).
  2. I found out that in the Jonny Rock DVD of my previous post, there are JAPANESE, ENGLISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN languages You know SHOOTOUT OF OLD TUCSON, an another game of American Laser Game: [Hidden Content]
  3. For Singe 2 in Win2000, before I must to emulated OpenGL 2. - - - - - - - - Jonny Rock DVD iso [Hidden Content]
  4. MY ENGLISH IS NOT MY LANGUAGE. I HOPE THAT I IS UNDERSTANDABLE. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM STANDARD, this means that all things are done the same way. Karis arranges .singe files in her games in certain folders, Poiu in others. I have already written to you that you authors should agree on the names of the files and where they should be placed, where you think is best. A person wants to make a fan game and he studies how the older were made, he watches a game and then he looks at another and finds discrepancy. So it is more complicated to learn. You implement the very latest version of the scripts as they come out. This is one way to have more problems. People are many different and many different computer systems. A dynamic library (example) required or many other things, which may have problems with one version of a script or another version. You have to decide which version is good for making amateur games and you should use that for years. You are not a capitalist who always wants to sell the latest technology. There are forums that update vBulletin, for example, as soon as the latest version comes out, and forums that have been using the same for years. When something is good and works, it works well even when it's officially old and no longer supported. I have two PCs and I can run both versions of Singe. But, repeat, there are so many different people in the "internet" community. People who use old PCs for fun, or to play old games. Singe 2 is not commercial software from a company that doesn't care about old PCs. You are enthusiasts, and as such you should "worry" about running the emulator in multiple different version of operating systems. I've asked you and Scott for more and in my opinion none of you three know the Singe 2 minimum requirements. You should pay more attention to what you do. Thanks to you I finally started playing lasergames. And before coming to this forum, or rather to say the two discussions "game lists", I read about many people asking, how does it work? Why doesn't the software start? And I still keep reading this. A game loads on mega, "you put it in the emulator folder and you play". And then they doesn't work. I spent a month downloading and fixing and customizing the games so that they work and they can be placed in any folder. My upload is only 400 Kbit/s. Otherwise I would upload the versions modified by me to the Internet. A little more attention please. In the archive Don-Quixote.zip there are two games, the first with the 300 MB mp4 video. In another, I don't remember which one, there are two copies of the same video. 8 GB to download instead of 4 GB. In The Last Bounty Hunter after the countdown to continue the emulator closes. Because in a .singe file there is a specific address from where it gets the files, instead of the other .singe files of the same game where a "generic" address is written. Not one but countless superficial but important errors. COPYRIGHT I advise you to eliminate the "MOVIE MODE (no play). The film is not complete, but if the companies that own the copyrights become aware of the fan games, you would probably bother them less if the emulator cannot be used as a video player. I would happily enjoy making a fan game, but I have too much mercury in my brain to do it. I really suck to play at lasergames, which are all simple (arrows and action), as in all my life as a player (and not only). In the video game chart as a child, I couldn't always write "NIC" in the ten seconds of time. Then I switched from NIC to ABC, simler. I thank you again, and only thanks to you that I can finally play lasergame. But you commit yourself to do better. These are just few SMALL changes, of mentality and substance.
  5. With my pc I see all the versions well, rightly with the black bars. Mine is yet another criticism of this absurd 480p with cut video. They are two different things. To view the video the PC has to work very little. When you see the video in the game, the pc has to keep in memory and process the operations of the emulator. In theory a few things but in practice this amateur emulator is a brick (of heaviness). Unfortunately it also happens with professional sites, which display only text and little else, but they are badly done and if your PC does many things together, the consultation is problematic. And similar sites with images are all fluid, because they are made with other technology. I keep the cpu of my pc under the official minimum and it does almost everything perfectly. With the emulator I have to raise the frequency a lot. I did various tests and I played Conan "well", with the video, the arrows and ACTION and I hit right. But the audio was ahead of the video.
  6. With DaphneLoader 1) I active OpenGL in the option and LOG: "-opengl ..... OpenGL v2.0 is supported." 2) No acceleration and LOG: "-nohwaccel ...... YUV overlay is done in software (ie unaccelerated)." 3) I active YOU Hardware Overlay and log: "YUV overlay is done in software (ie unaccelerated)." My video card also supports OpenGL 4 and 2.0 activates. Why is classic acceleration not activated?
  7. I play to Space Ace with Daphne. I ask here why the option, present in the arcade game, could also be present in Singe 2 and you might know it. This option is WATCHDOG TIMER, what is It?
  8. This version is very light for the pc. I enlarged it to 1280x1024 and it is seen in optimal hands, thanks to the very high quality of the video source. Unfortunately the video is cut. Difficulty is only a example. The options that can be changed are varied.
  9. No bugs but one thing that I just thought, maybe a pc is used by two people.
  10. Do you know what happens to your games when a user changes options (eample difficulty) and then continues from a saved game? If you have never thought about it, I advise you to test.
  11. What is there to understand. The VGA 640x480 is the PC standard of the first half of the 90s, then the SVGA 800x600 became more and more popular (and then XGA and others). DVDs are 720x480 NTSC and 720x576 PAL. I don't understand why you insist on creating "light" videos in VGA. And why do you cut the video instead of letting it fit inside a "4:3 square". x POIU Ti prego ma rifai gli archivi compressi di Super_Don_Quix-ote_Singe_2 e Ninja_Hayate singe 2. Non dico per me che li ho già scaricati ma per utenti meno esperti con il computer, che in futuro li scaricheranno. In Ninja hai messo addirittura due volte il video. Un archivio che potrebbe essere di 1,86 GB diventa di 3,68 GB. In Super_Don_Quix-ote_Singe_2 c'è un altro Super_Don_Quix-ote_Singe_2. Il primo con un video tagliato di 300 MB e le immagini Overlay di Principessa Mononoke. Nel secondo sotto Overlay\Lores c'è una immagine di Time Gal e si rimane col dubbio se siano tutte di questo gioco o di Don Quix-ote.
  12. In various games the options menu has a particular font and a colored background and I struggle to understand all the letters (I have a hard time reading), You three authors should agree to make all fan games the same. You have to decide whether game.singe or "game name" .singe. If a file goes to one folder or another. As you already know, for many people it is not enough to just put the game folder under Singe 2 and play. Many have problems and they have to fiddle with the software. If all games were the same, later it would be easier to solve the problems. And to learn there is the tutorial. I tried the new MENU. The 480 is horrible because it is cut on the right. I don't understand why you do either the FULL HD or the 640x480. The old DVD has a larger format. The 1080p menu: Error: Specified resolution is larger than the display. My display is 1280x1024 however the games work and the video adjusts to the maximum resolution of my monitor. ???????? difficulty: In-Game game type: Normal, Map, Percent ????????
  13. What is the Assets folder for? I have seen the images and the intro video for the menu.bat but some games do not have this folder and the menu shows them. And inside Ninja_Hayate Assets are the SuckerPunch files. -Sucket Punch (and other your games) difficulty: In-Game game type: Normal, Map, Percent estra movies: Show Hinst: Special Mode:what do they mean? As there is daphne-wiki, you could write a little guide explaining the options and other things to play
  14. All file names begin with _: "_name.x". Does this make sense? Can they be used by the emulator? All images are not legible from Windows; all the other images of the other games are readable, and also the others of Asterix Opening some files (txt and .singe) with Notepad I read "Mac Os X" and an Internet address for Apple. There are titan.txt and fai.txt files.
  15. I looked at all the images in Overlay and I couldn't find any buttons without a border. Surely the software did not fully display the image, while I was playing. Many games have the Lores folder under Overlay with the smaller images. When do games use these smaller images? The menu, when the software switches to 480p game (left and right from user), closes. But the game works with its own .bat. Also, always talking about 480p (the group of games you have already done), only in Asterix, in addition to the Movie and Overlay folders there are many images. Where do they go?