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  1. I can't believe ....I have just seen Rambo free to play......wow thanks a lot!!!! I longed for it!!
  2. hello mates, any news about Rambo non patreon?...
  3. how can I get the mouse working? if I check the box it doesn't start......I'd like to play it with it....I tried configuring my joypad but I cannot move the "cursor".... many thanks Edit: changed to win 10 and it works!
  4. so,no one has good news for rambo non patreon, haven't they??....
  5. hey guys, is there anyone who can give good links for the new supported arcade games, please? tks in advance...
  6. hey guys any news for non patreon games to become public like rambo?.... tks
  7. thanks man,,,,good piece of advice!!!!
  8. Hey mate would you give me some heads up on how to use/set gameloader or any other which does the job?...I'd really like to play Rambo.... tks
  9. is anyhow possibile to play Rambo with TP non patreon or similar Loaders ? Many thanks
  10. any news for Rambo non patreon?....I have been getting mad......
  11. it seems a hard job to be done......I long for it too!!
  12. so we have been waiting for Rambo to be played for non patreon users but things seem to be going not well.....unluckily!
  13. Is there any way to play rambo for non patreon users? maybe with some loaders....if you know how to, please share it.... many many thanks