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  1. I'm just reposting a question I had from the other day since you have more knowledge on running this game than I do. I have Cars working well through the first race on any track. On the second race, certain tracks go to bluescreen with just cars an minimal effects (you can't see the track, obviously), while others such as Radiator Springs work either as the first or second race. I've tried a couple of different dumps of the games with the same patches with no apparent fix. Any ideas?
  2. I have managed to get Cars to work (Patreon) and notice that the first race runs perfectly fine (full graphics and speed), but the second race on any stage shows no background graphics (blue screen with just cars and a few effects elements). Anyone else have this same issue or know of a fix? System and Teknoparrot are full up-to-date and it is a new notebook PC (10th gen Core i7, RTX3070). Any help would be greatly appreciated.