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  1. PowerISO did worked and it had solved my problem! Thank you so much for your help!
  2. I had just tried using 7zip to extract those vhd files but 7zip said it wasn't an archive so it can't extract it.
  3. So under the game download page, there are 3 update file. Where should I put those files? My game is running perfectly, but just curious where should I put those update files.
  4. I had my splash plus and aqua working perfectly. In addiction just want to ask is it possible to change into single player mode like in Finale version did? I saw some video setting in the config_common.json file Especially I don't know what value I am able to change under the "mode" : "dual" I had change into single but it doesn't work. Or maybe the video setting is hard coded? I saw few post before already had somebody asked for but seems there are no any solution yet.
  5. Hi, I had downloaded your files and my splash plus is running. But the network is not working for me. I had open the Aqua first, after it finish running I start up the splash plus. But evertime it open, it showed up the message said it is tring to connect to internet and is really take some time. Anyway in result it didn't connected as green icon will show on upper right corner. As you see mine is grey. So I go to debug menu and try to find my problem, aime reader check is perfect. But the network test in DNS(LAN) has failed. Any idea how to fix this? Edit : I had found out you can't use localhost for the aqua and mai. After I changed both to my local ip address it worked.
  6. I had the same problem and I can't get in this service menu. I had confirmed the config_common.json file under the usbio enabled = true But no matter how many times I hit F1 and F2, I can't get in this menu. Edit : Found it, it's scrolllock and pause button
  7. Hi, I had go through this post, got the dll file download, download the loader put it in the package folder. But my game still not running, I had tried google for a solution but can't find any. Please help, thank you. I had google for the ThincaPayment.dll but nothing can be found. Also this error is showed in the error log : mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll at 0033:3e05b010. And for the amdaemon start.bat The error 6401 occur after I put the sega loader I found in some previous post.
  8. Hi, I had go through every post here and try to see how I can open Splash. But I am still out of luck open it sucessfully, hope someone can lend me a hand. I had tried open the amdaemon start.bat first and it give me this(photo attached) : mai2io : IO ENABLED! Error 6401 Although I got an error here but I still tried to open the package start.bat. But the cmd only popup for a sec and flash out. Please help, thank you very much. (I open both start.bat with admin so this should not be the problem.) btw I also suspect maybe my files got corrputed by any chance so I also re-downloading the whole file again. Hopefully not because this was quite time consuming. edit : So I see the error6401 is about the directory and I had solve it. But the package start.bat still flash out in a sec. Don't know why.