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  1. Technika3 needs a physical dongle to run, it can’t run directly yet.
  2. The original steps are too many. After decompression, it takes up 300GB of space, but the game is only 24GB. I repackaged the game and completed all the preparations. You only need to download it, unzip it and run it. Download link : [Hidden Content]
  3. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    You must install DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010), new computers will lack this. [Hidden Content]
  4. You must first set to free paly, select event mode to return to the game, you can have unlimited time.
  5. I use Surface Pro, it simulates perfectly, and I am really touched. Test video: [Hidden Content]
  6. Oh! I didn't notice, congratulations on solving the problem and having fun!
  7. Sinobuz Not supported,This plugin is only available for CANNON BALLERS,Rootage,HEROIC VERSE
  8. you need to IIDX Plugin. Download this file,Put the plugin (inplugins )Folder,Ready to run! [Hidden Content]
  9. Thank you so much!This helped a lot of people!
  10. Can anyone help me. Tell me where is IIDX27plugin