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  1. Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pc

    I made this thread. Unfortunately, the tool to control GS3 is not released yet.
  2. Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pc

    Thanks, but we talked the PC version of gunslinger stratos (gunslinger stratos reloaded). This is "gunslinger stratos 3" in arcade version. Anyway, I wait the release of GS3's Jconfig
  3. Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pc

    Hi, the server of gunslinger stratos reloaded is already closed. So, if you want to play this game, you have to hack this game to boot the game. (When you launch the game, you will see the server connection error and the game will be closed) If you know how to launch this game, I want to tell the method.
  4. You are excellent! This game file is I uploaded file ? What did you use file to play this? (iDmacDrv64.dll + JConfig.exe ?) I want to tell me how to boot and control this game.
  5. I could boot the GS3. But I can not control it. By using Jconfig tool, some button can be allocated. But almost button can not be allocated by SOR Jconfig tool. We have to make new config tool. But I do not know how to make new Jconfig allocating setting. I find the data of button input list of GS3 by reading testmode code (can be opened by text editor) If we can assign these by keyboard input, we can control this game (But we have to make light gun emulation too) Left gun stick 0x00000001 left 0x00000004 right 0x00000002 up 0x00000008 down 0x00000100 trigger 0x00000800 lever push Right gun stick 0x00000010 left 0x00000040 right 0x00000020 up 0x00000080 down 0x00000200 trigger 0x00020000 lever push 0x00000400 jump combinate two gun 0x00001000 side mode 0x00002000 tandem mode
  6. Very nice! In real arcade GS3, when the gun controller not connected, the error window show and we can not play the game. (OP movie will not showed) So, I was worried about the game not show OP movie because gun controller is not connected. (Instead, the game show error window) In real GS3 game, we can start the game when depress the trigger of gun controller. We have to think how to recognize the gun controller input to the game. The menu is written by Japanese, so the garbled characters was shown. But I don't know why it scroll fast, to control menu we move the stick of gun device. If gun device is not connected, why control menu move?
  7. I am worried about the file of MD being work in GS3. MD made by UE4, but GS3 made by other game engine(orochi). And the file list of GS3 is different to MD. By the way, the image you uploaded is emulated game? Or booted by type x3? When I boot the exe file, the initial setting menu showed and did not show the op movie.
  8. I will upload split file tomorrow. Thanks
  9. Hi, thank you for reply. But unfortunately I have not other upload site, because this file is too big. Please try some times And if you can not download, please try to make new mega account and copy this file to your new account.
  10. Do you have the Leap Motion? If you got it, please try to control GS3. I do not have this, so I can not use leap motion and can not examine being able to use this for GS3.
  11. Thanks ! By the way, the game engine of GS3 is different to the engine of MD. So, I'm worried being able to use MD's io to GS3.
  12. The data I having is Gunslinger stratos 3 only (This game data bought in auction) I want to get gunslinger stratos 1, 2 data, but I can not find these. And I will not buy other arcade game, sorry.
  13. In fact, this game finished update in 2018. Relative newer data is character model and voice only. Almost data may be made when game is released
  14. Thank you for teaching tool ! This data is extracted data using decryptor tool. There is a exe file.
  15. Hi, I uploaded Gunslinger stratos 3 game data [Hidden Content] But this game need gun type controller and we can not control using keyboard. I tried to control this game by Jconfig, but I can not control anything If you know how to control this game or how to assign the gun type controller input to keyboard, please tell me how to use this.