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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Merci mon ami, Tokyo Cop fonctionne?
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    You could try getting another copy of Rambo the arcade, a bad dump is always a possibility, but also I had cases were a single update will make games work regardless of what changelogs say. Lets Go Jungle is okay... pretty short tho, its been few weeks since I played it but it was one of the shortest lightgun games I ever played, I think it was like... 20 minutes? Reminds me of Deadstorm Pirates but shorter and more silly. And what kinda games you looking for? For PC you gotta play "Blue Estate" very high quality pc exclusive light gun game that I never seen anyone bring up. There is also a Time Crisis clone called "A.D. Cop" but you will have to learn how to use DosBox and all that shit cause it only came out on DOS. On Mame two obscure games that come to mind is "Spin Master" which is a mix of mario and metal slug, there is also Mystic Warriors which is the sequel to Sunset Riders Also two obscure beatem ups that come to mind is "Big Figth: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean" which is what would happen if Street Figther was a beat em up, and Knuckle Bash reminds me alot of Vendeta.. one of the characters is Elvis lol But yeah there is a ton of obscure games I been finding, lots of them are shit that only came out on China/Korea.
  3. Ah... Jconfig only has option to run on mouse input but cursor disappears :( Where in Jconfig do you enable the stuff from SV folder?
  4. I spoke to one of the Chihiro devs yesterday and he told me that Chihiro has big problem with light gun games... so I stopped trying to make it work with mouse or light gun
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Thanks for the recommendations, just added them to my list I am trying to get a snapshot of every mame rom that I consider "worth playing" to easily remember what they were about in the future. And for Death Parade I get no cursor or crosshair at all... just shooting blindly, but at least I am closer now since I can actually run it, hopefully someone will help me out here to get the cursor going. As for Rambo... lots of Teknoparrot games still have problems with AMD, so best thing to do is wait for devs to add more compatibility rather than waste a ton of time tryna get it working, I check the "changelog" everytime I do any update, thats how I found out they fixed Lets Go Jungle. As a side note... so happy Rambo The Arcade exists, I played Rambo onrails shooter for ps3 with a psmove and its one of the few games I played where I considered smashing my controller, the game expects you to grind over and over on earlier levels to max out your stats, just to even have a chance to beat the last level, not to mention it has a bug that may crash and wipe your saves at any moment. So if you ever play that...my advice is get the headshot healing perk asap, play the game until the penultimate level, then play Rambo Arcade on Teknoparrot and pretend thats the final level (unless you hate yourself, but hopefully you dont!)
  6. The problem is that I am not trying to use a light gun... I want to play with my mouse, the folder you uploaded already has a folder called sv with the cursor icon and everything so I assumed you got it working somehow
  7. Came here from another topic you posted a link to this from... I am trying to get another game Elevator Action Death Parade to show cursor (so the reverse of what you mention on op), I got a folder called sv in the main folder of the game, and the cursor file is in there... -Running the game with Jconfig set to enable mouse makes it so I can actually play the game, no cursor tho.... -If I disable mouse on Jconfig and run Demulshooter shortcut,it shows cursor but I can only shoot on the top left no matter where my cursor is (also wont show the crosshair from sv) Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Game Loader is not set to hide mouse
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    How do I enable so that a crosshair or at least mouse shows up for light gun games? Input is working but cant see where I am shooting.....(btw I enabled mouse input using jconfig)
  9. @oroborus77 hey so I got an older pc and it works without changing anything, so its totally some conflict on my windows 10 machine. (just had to turn on mouse input in jconfig) also works with game loader rh, now the only issue is... how do I get crosshair to show up or at least mouse cursor? I am so close to playing this game >_< EDIT: Got mouse cursor to show up by disabling it in jconfigc and using demulshooter... but when I shoot it only affects the top left of screen..... ;_;
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Cool mang Gonna play Sailor Moon probably today. And thanks for the other recoomendations, I added them to my collection. Also gonna try Death Parade on a different pc... see if there is any difference, as for Rambo, what graphics card are you on? NVIDIA seems to be the best one to use when it comes to Teknoparrot, everything else has issues for most games.... EDIT: Got Death Parade working in an older pc!! Now the problem is I cant get crosshair to show up lol
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @shadowflare7799 Yeah you can even run Discord off your android browser even if you just do text (most people do) but I recommend getting the app.. its a tiny app, was designed specifically for gamers. Whenever I have questions about something I jump into the relevant discord server and you will get an answer much faster than a forum. For Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon... I recently downloaded the entire SNES beat em up catalogue (including translated/japanese games), and it had 2 sailor moon games, wonder if the arcade is a version of either. BTW if you like beat em ups, I found the rarest beat em up for SNES "Gourmet Warriors", it was picked up and translated by another game publisher over 30 years later (just last year) its also the weirdest snes beat em up, there is a steam version but for the actual english rom had to dig around 4chan, let me know if you want a copy, its pretty much designed around 1cc, there are no lives or continues....Also I finally remembered what the game that inspired the creation of Metal Slug, its called "In The Hunt", its same graphics and gameplay only that you are a submarine instead of a soldier. Dont know why people treat Metal Slug as a classic but not that game.... And sadly Death Parade just wont work on my pc :( I gave up for now... decided to download every rom for MAME and now my library is messed up as I need to manually add to "Favorite" every game I will actually play x_x
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Oh yeah the graphics for the "cutscenes" were amazing for the time, I think I remember reading that it was the first game to have them, or at least popularizing the idea of having cutscenes in a video game, rather than just jumping the player into gameplay... and look at where we are today, games have hours long cutscenes.
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @shadowflare7799 Sorry been working alot the last few days! And yeah Toronto is one of the most expensive cities, but the other option is to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere with cheap rent... but nowhere to go and nothing to do lol when I was in my 20s I loved going all over the city looking for independent video game shops, seen one go from literally a closet size to a huge warehouse sized store in the middle of downtown... couldn't do that in a small town. I will have to check out some of your videos later today for 1CC runs... sounds intense! Discord is the best app right now for contacting people through text or voice, and making chat servers for anything you want, even Emuline has one (allthough its a pretty dead chat server) you really need to try it... you dont even need to install it, it can run off your browser! I enjoyed both Denjin Makai games As for Ninja Gaiden... its hard as @#$% but people are saying the arcade version of it is the "easy mode" 0_0 not even gonna bother with the home console versions lol I played the 3d reboots a few years back and they were almost impossible, had to cheese alot of bosses to beat them...but they did introduce one of the sexiest female characters in gaming Momiji
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @erdoboy43 Hey thanks on the tip about Jconfig... may give it a try, but personally at this point I may just wait for Teknoparrot devs to fix it. So tired of every game I want to play to require little fixes and configurations...I have probably spent more times fixing games than actually playing them, the reason I like Teknoparrot its cause its simple. @shadowflare7799 I actually live in Toronto, the only place worth living in Canada lol j/k And im down to do co-op stuff.. but how does 1 credit clear work? We both just get one credit and if we die we cant insert more coins? Bear in mind I wouldn't consider myself a pro XD Also dont think anyone uses Skype anymore, all the cool kids are using Discord these days. I was just playing Ghost Chaser Densei today (I have the version called Denjin Makai) did you know there is actually a sequel called Guardians?
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Thank you! That worked, sadly I got the infamous crash on Stage 3 that I seen a few people report, oh well... another game I have to wait more time to play. EDIT: I noticed there is "Transformers + Final" version.... is that like a fixed copy of the same dump or something?