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  1. wow Thanks. Appreciate your help. How many games did you add into your multigame? I tried the game but seems like it doesnt work on my ttx3. the mouse cursor is there and there are shots being sounded when i press the mouse button but the enemies does not register any hits. oh well.
  2. hi thanks for the patches. full hd lindberg games work properly now. Is it ok to request CarnEvil to be added? Thanks for all the work done.
  3. I have encountered the storage too small error when I use balena etcher to write to my crucial mx500 1tb ssd. I use another writer software and I can write the image to the 1tb ssd. this is the software. [Hidden Content]
  4. I have finished testing the multigame and it is much better than the previous version. the only problems i found other than the ones mentioned before are only for 3 TTX2 games. Chase HQ 2 IO ERROR:libraly and network system error Chaos Code Windows cannot find Launch.a3x error KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A Reset to frontend A note for people using 4K TVs. It seems like certain Full HD games have problems when it is played on 680gtx upgraded TTX3 even with 1080p resolution set in the Nvidia control panel. The games are Left 4 Dead Survivors, Initial D 7, Initial D 8 & Lindberg Full HD games. The images are zoomed in as they might be rendering at 4K resolutions in a 1920x1080 screen. For Lindberg games running on Teknoparrot, I set the resolution for as 1280x720 to fix them. Exceptions are Virtua Tennis 3 (hardcoded Full HD). The rest don't have resolution settings in Teknoparrot so there is nothing i can do. I don't have a 1080p monitor screen to try it on to see if the games work properly. I might try it on a 1080p TV as I don't want to swap the graphics card back to 660GTX.
  5. I am still locked into the box after pressing a button and the line shows the set button. i had to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to get into the windows options menu and click cancel to get out of the box. problems i found so far: wangan midnight 5 have the E0505 network disconnection error and E2212 STR PCB Link error sega dream raiders is stuck in the controller adjustment screen. i can't calibrate or exit the screen.
  6. Hi i have a problem with the custom resolutions. I get a pink glitch screen whenever i click test after setting the resolutions. i can press left and enter on the keyboard to save the custom resolution. but when i run the game, it has a green glitch screen. both alien extermination and block king ball shooter exhibits these problems. curiously, operation ghost works fine even when i have the pink screen when i set the custom resolution. if i dont set the custom resolution, operation ghost doesnt look right but alien extermination works but with the wrong aspect ratio. block king throws up the direct3d error. star trek voyager and contra evolution works without the custom resolution but its in windowed mode while silent hill arcade kicks back to the frontend. if i set the 1440x1080 custom resolution, star trek, contra and silent hill works full screen but in the green glitch screen. update: i fixed the 1440 games by setting them to 640x480 in teknoparrot. i disabled framelimiter for contra evolution as well. for star trek voyager, even after setting up the buttons, i get stuck at the 2 rocket logo screen. can't start the game in 640x480 or 1280x960. it works in 1440x1080 but the drawback is it's in windowed mode. the only problem custom resolution game is block king ball shooter. I can't try any lower resolution as it's not using teknoparrot. the root cause of the pink screen needs to be found to fix it. i am using an ungraded graphics card in my ttx3 instead of the stock 660gtx. i can set the custom resolution in the older v3 multigame. maybe this v4 uses a different display driver that causes the pink screen issue?
  7. thanks. it looks really good and i can't wait to test it out with my upgraded TTX3. worth the money to buy and upgrade the TTX3 along with the FastIO. best investment into arcade boards so far.
  8. thanks for the update. this is shaping up to be a fantastic multigame. appreciate the work the developers have put in to make this and for free. It is replacing my mame setup on retropie and it's looking to be better than the arcade games selection in the MiSTer project as we can play pc based arcade games too with a nice frontend and attract videos. i had tried picking out individual games out from the Mame roms collection and sorting them out into folders which are named according to their systems. i gave up because the workload was just too much.
  9. i'm not an expert but according to Murray, the cards need to have a non UEFI bios and cards later than 780 series all have only UEFI ones. [Hidden Content]= most probably it won't work. i5 2400 is fine and 680 or 760 is fine too. no need for 780 if you just want to play arcade games. you seem to have a decent pc to play pc games on so there's no need to spend more money on something that is not going to be utilised.
  10. you can use GTX 680, 760, 780 or even 780 Ti. You just need to make sure that the card has non UEFI bios available to be flashed on it. be advised that not all non UEFI bios is guaranteed to work. You don't need cards with more than 2GB of RAM. 680 and 760 can run the arcade games perfectly. You don't need to go for more powerful cards as it will be wasted unless you intend to play PC games as well. Just get the ones that don't cost too much. You can disregard this if you are loaded. I found and bought a MSI Twin Frozr 680 Lightning. Had some trouble until I flashed a bios for another MSI 680 model. Games now run at a smooth 60fps and I'm ready for the next multigame update. It's a worthwhile upgrade to be done and I'm quite pleased with the performance. What TTX3 model did you buy? was it expensive? there should be a sticker on the metal casing that shows what CPU, RAM and GPU inside. Mine is Model 402 with Core i5 2400, 8gb of ram and 660GTX. I have already upgraded graphics card. 8gb is fine. all the ram slots are populated with 2gb sticks and there's no benefit to upgrade it to more ram. cpu is fine but i am considering upgrading it to intel Xeon E3-1270. it's unnecessary though and E3-1290 which is the best it can go is too expensive.
  11. Are you going to upgrade the stock graphics card in a TTX3? there's a discussion thread in arcade projects forum.
  12. I have upgraded the gtx 660 to a gtx 680 card. it works but there is a slight problem. 3D games are hardlocked to 30Hz at 1080p. is there any way to restore it to 60Hz? Some global settings must have been changed automatically with the new GPU. i tried making a custom setting of 1920x1080 with 60Hz but the games still play at 30Hz. Update: Finally got the games working at perfectly smooth 60Hz. I flashed the bios with the Twin Frozr 680 bios recommended by Murray. Thanks mate. Now my TTX3 is ready for the new update with more 1080p games which will play at buttery smooth 60fps.
  13. the only way to play ps3 games on a pc hardware such as TTX3 is through emulation and i don't think RPCS3 runs well on an older CPU generation pre-Haswell as stated in the RPCS3 Quickstart page.
  14. I replaced the thermal paste on the stock 660GTX and i5 2400 with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. The fan noise is already reduced to the lowest available in the BIOS so the only difference is that it might not ramp up that much when playing intensive games. Can't really say for sure. Fighting EX Layer starts a bit sluggish but can be playable most of the time. the sluggishness only comes back once in a while. the fan does ramp up for less than a second at some interval continuously and expels warm air. maybe the thermal paste helps with thermal throttling that reduces the game performance? Where can I find an i7 2600 at 30USD? Ebay is selling for around 70+USD. Doesn't replacing the CPU with i7 2600 help with MAME emulation? there's some screen tearing. I recall reading about MAME using the CPU more than GPU and a beefier GPU doesn't help with game performance. Is there anyway to use/add cheats to MAME? I enabled the cheat option but can't seem to access any menu while in-game. Operation GHOST and Let's Go Island now works when I added the custom resolution. Spica Adventure for TTX still doesn't work but TTX2 version works so I don't really mind. I saw the Yatagarasu game is in the image but it's not selectable in the frontend. I proceed to try out the 3 problem games. blade arcus first. it keeps returning to the menu. then i tried SNK Heroine. it keeps returning to the menu. then i tried KOF14. the first time, it returned to the menu. on the 2nd try, it launched. I then went and tried SNK Heroine. it finally launched. lastly I tried Blade Arcus. It launched. I think once KOF14 is successfully launched, it will let the other 2 games launch. something is tied to KOF14. It's a weird issue.
  15. Bit late to the party on this one but thought I would add my experience too as I'm curious if anyone else runs an i7-2600. HARDWARE: TTX3 Model 404 i72600/8Gram/660gtx video card IO: JVS JAMMA 938-13683-93 REV B (with @murray fix above) SFV Test: Fail; Average 51fps SFV: Seems ok to be honest. Frame drop in supers but otherwise it seemed really stable Fighting Layer: I didn't notice any slowdown but I've never played an original Mario: Seemed ok too. I didn't really notice any slowdown but played for all of 5 minutes. I got an X3 that was DOA and needed a new cpu and had an i7. Not advocating for the upgrade but I am curious if other people have tried it. Just finally thank you to everyone who has worked to put this together. Amazing setup!