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  1. Start as in from Crystal or from Amazon? Might be missing Amazon and Amazon Plus files.
  2. That just seems exceptionally strange that it works for Crystal but not Paradise. Has your antivirus perhaps zapped any of the files during download/transfer perhaps? I'm out of ideas outside of just trying every little thing.
  3. Yeah wasn't sure if you were extending to the TV or extending to a cushy sofa, lul. Make sure you're using good quality cables and not to use a powered hub if you're extending, DJDAO boards for any of his stuff are known to be super finicky with USB powering.
  4. Start with Crystal Plus 1.45. Do not modify, do not add anything. Combine with Paradise 1.5, Yes to Replace All. Don't modify aimeReaderHost, it should be Paradise version. Modify chuniiApp, make sure you're using the right patcher version. Set up Segatools.ini paths. If that doesn't work, try changing the directory you've put the game, preferably to your operating system drive, or out if it if already there. If it works, you can start adding options files and the legacy omnimix. Keep in mind the only reason you'd want to use a 32 inch screen is if you've literally attached it to your controller like how they are in the cabinet so that the lanes line up. If you're more than a foot away, both the effect and the point of it all is lost. Paradise added timing adjust settings, so as long as your TV doesn't have worse than 200ms latency (which some smart TVs do) you can fine tune it.
  5. I haven't tested if minime supports paradise yet, but I don't think it'll process cards correctly until it's been updated. If you've consolidated all the game versions, you'll have the files, but most songs require unlocks through playing the maps, or forced through editing the game files/using tools like in OP's post. Most events are also time limited and are now locked, though they can also be forced back active.
  6. Nice, exactly what I need. I've premodified a chuniiApp exe for anyone can't do hex editing. Seems to get everything working perfectly. Here you go. Daemon tools doesn't seem to be able to access it either. Is it still under encryption?
  7. Tested file. Works fine in theory, but Segatools/minime doesn't have full compatibility as far as I can tell, and again no exe patch, so only offline guest play is working. If you don't have a cabinet with custom networking, it only kinda works for now. Reusing Crystal/Crystal Plus chuniiApp will get the network to work, but utterly breaks most assets in the game. Also technically playable, but all the UI will look hella wack and jacket art will not load. Songs and their beatmaps are playable though. Surprisingly though, reverse porting the A000 file into Crystal (yes to replace all) works fine, and gives you access to pretty much anything. I guess the engine doesn't cross check versions and just loads up whatever files you feed it. Whatever the case, thanks for the files.
  8. I believe the current version of minime doesn't quite correctly support crystal plus, plus the lack of a proper chuniApp patch is causing weirdness. Plays fine otherwise though if you don't care about your profile. This is, however, the same issue as before. This version missing the updated option files, so even certain crystal plus launch version songs are missing. We'll probably get those with a bit of patience.
  9. Thank you. I recommend creating a backup of your original Crystal build before attempting a overwrite, in case anything goes wrong for your build.
  10. The game has absolutely zero optimization, or to be exact, was never designed for AMD hardware, so it's probably going to perform rough. There's probably ways to alleviate the issue by allocating cores, and tinkering with native GPU render options, but can't really help there since I'm not entirely familiar with using AMD front end tools.
  11. iirc the NU hardware is superior to RingEdge, but it's probably still low end PC components. Never needed to crack one open but I'm assuming it's running old generation Intel Core processors. I THINK it also has a GTX GPU considering it needs to render Future Tone backgrounds, but with how old the hardware is it's probably not anything better than a GTX 750. So unless you're running a literal toaster from 2012, or a laptop, you should reach NU hardware standards. Are you getting occasional stutters or is it just actually going into slow motion?
  12. I'm not going to assume your preferences, but I'm willing to bet that it'll be perfectly fine. I've built Openthim controllers for a couple of people before the Tasoller released and pretty much nobody has had any complaints about controller to screen size ratios. One bloke plays on his 40in television (with terrible latency), and his experience still transfers fine when we're at the arcade.
  13. Chinese New Years just passed, so any sort of logistics work only just resumed from the week long break. I'd say expect a bit of a backlog, though probably not that big of one since I don't expect a massive demand for these. Openithm only has like ~1 inch of extra material on both ends of the strip, while the Tasoller has nearly 2.5 inches of space. The whole thing is massive. Just something people need to be aware of if they don't have much space on their desks. Unless you're the type of player who needs to stare at their hands to hit the buttons, your muscle memory will get used to the difference in size with no problems.
  14. I play on a 28 inch monitor using Openithm and haven't had issues. The Tasoller does have a lot of extra dead space on the ends though so you might need to make more room on the ends. It shouldn't be nessessary to line it up 1:1 with your controller once your muscle memory gets used to it. Chunithm is very forgiving when it comes to hit accuracy. Try moving the monitor further away.
  15. Don't really bother with loaders unless I need loader injected settings to make things work, just makes more points for things to go wrong rather than just launching it directly. Just me though.