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  1. Problème de resolution le jeux est en hd natif et ton écran en 640*480 ou 800*600 donc rien à faire .... Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  2. Madden Arcade Global VR Controls

    4 player has 49 way digital joystick. 1 and 2 player go to a board with with a printer type usb output. I'm just getting into creating my own cabinet. Does this board need power to it and would this be a decent board to connect to a Pi since it's got the usb connection? Any info other than the manual would be great.
  3. Plug-in FFB Arcade on fanatec csw 2.5

    I upgraded in December. I had a V2.5 for a year and have only had 2 months on my DD1, but the biggest thing I can say is the DD1 just feels smoother, heavier, and more detailed. When I use my DD1 it feels more like I’m driving my daily/track car in real life than my CSW did. I also think the DD1/DD2 quick release works better. Kodi nox
  4. [Help] How can I resize SDVX in windowed mode?

    the editor window is a fixed size relative to your resolution. So if you wanted to have a larger overall window to see better, you would have to change your display resolution. If you just need to show more lanes go to "view > increase window size to show more lanes", this will just expand the window horizontally to show 4 more lanes snaptube vidmate word to pdf
  5. [Help] Something missing in SDVX 3

    I'm about to buy a SDVX controller and want to prepare the software. I've heared a lot about k-shoot mania, unnamed SDVX clone and an official SDVX III pc release. I also read that some people got other versions of SDVX to work on they're pc (illegaly of course). Are those all the ways to play or am I missing something? If so, what do you guys prefer/recommend? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ jpg to pdf