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  1. Hello again folks, as I promised here we are with the Dragon’s Lair II Time Warp Bluray (4:3 ratio) Arcade Remaster which from my knowledge it’s probably the only existing version, I did it 8/9 years ago and it was a frame by frame work (pretty much a pain in the ass) and finally here it is for the whole community… as I usually say, please enjoy and have a blast with it! LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !FFUoY_aE4S33T0IDpH3emGkhffloXrlNfic8URWlH3g Keep always in mind that this remaster was done to be played on a real cabinet at that time so please don’t ask for 1080p formats cause this is the only version I did. The game comes without Daphne emulator so just copy/paste the folder wherever you wish, edit the path in the Framefile.txt and that’s it, ready to go! For any question about Daphne emu please refer to the official website since I have really no time to answer, thanx for understanding… There's included also the usual CD layout in HQ you can print. …almost forgot… in case you are missing the rom files you can find it in the game folder! Next upload will be Space Ace BRD Arcade Remaster and a neat restoration of the Japanese version of Mad Dog McCree released by Capcom in Asia, so far so good!! PS. Trivia: If you take a close look at the title screen you will see an odd particular, the Japanese version of the bluray seems to be licensed exclusively to Nintendo… ??? Here a comparison between my remaster and the original LD capture.
  2. lol... the ai it's so dumb... in this state can be enjoyed only by 8 years old kids who smash randomly the buttons and can beat the game anyway... don't even bother until you can change game difficulty.... same as for snk heroines... PS. you guys should write a petition to 1cc and ask for a proper idmac64.dll
  3. thanx for bringing up the topic, i had the chance to give it a try already but in my opinion (besides the technical aspect) these extreme res remasters are just losing the original organic appeal... i personally find way more attractive for my eyes a blurry laserdisc rip filtered by a true crt screen than any other ultra-clean digitally rearranged image, by the way, the deep learning process is far from being perfect, overall amazing but sure not perfect...
  4. Hello folks, Since I received some requests I edited this post adding also DL, so here it is... SPACE ACE + DRAGON'S LAIR Bluray remastered, 4:3 ratio, SD (Standard Definition) they come without Daphne so just grab it and choose where to place it (ROMS and FRAMEFILES are stored in the game main folder). I added also the usual CD layout in HD, have a blast!! PS. These versions are meant to be played on an original cabinet. PPS. In case you are wondering how to make it work please check the Daphne official forum! SA: GAME LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !5OsuNq6jJpVi5MeAWMeBS7nZwJR44dv8YmWbvqUVZO8 CD LAYOUT LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !823zz-5bbTPJnE6g2RJzc13qYmLo_wB4dxahNTfo4fs DL: GAME + CD LAYOUT LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !k-KPBEkh4-Q9ZqOzVrLFZS1B4X2YntsTEJHmKbp-MnU EDIT: SPACE ACE - The audio track for the death scene "spa01d1.vob.ogg" it's corrupted, please replace it with the following attachment! spa01d1.vob.ogg.EDIT.zip MANY THANX to Stuart2773 for the discovery and for resampling the track!!
  5. Hello folks, I thought it was time to bring some more nostalgia from the 80’ (since it’s never enough...LOL)… I did this remastering quite long time ago with the intention to achieve the closest result to the arcade version and to share it one day through a proper channel, as a purist I was a bit disappointed about the original Singe release since the team who did the port (I guess for legal reasons) has done various changes stylistically weird such as the UI elements, options screen, slate and ending roll/credits so I decided to improve their work by editing the whole thing and remastering the video track as well, I believe the result achieved it’s pretty much neat, I don’t know how many people out there are interested in these kind of “obsolete” games but I’m pretty sure that for some of us Timegal it’s still considered a milestone of the laserdisc age, so here it is for the community and in its all arcade glory, enjoy! LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !PMoJRiM3NvVrxTXtK8aJRcJTW5tI5mX2Cl_N8mJJbgQ *** In the main folder are also included 3 uncompressed HD .tiff, it’s the CD layout I made and ready to be printed if someone wants to archive it on a physical support. To run the game just double click the .bat file and go. There’s two .bat versions; - AC (No Scanlines) if you intend to play it on a real JAMMA cabinet. - PC (With Scanlines) for desktop play. That’s it, if you are already familiar with Daphne and Singe then you should know all the rest. Res: 800x600. Folder size: 2.18 Gb. (Much bigger than the original release size since the video quality has been raised quite a bit) KEYS: Arrows = Directions Space = Action Key 9 = Option screen Key 5 = Credits Key 1 = Start 1P Key 2 = Start 2P Esc = Quit Game PEACE!!
  6. Images from Samurai Shodown V Perfect (in Samsho NeoGeo Collection only, would need a deep hack to play it on emulator) Samurai Shodown V Perfect in english / Samurai Spirits Zero Special "Perfect Edition" (or "Complete Edition", Both are valid) in japanese (サムライスピリッツ零 SPECIAL 完全版 / Samurai Supirittsu Zero Special Kanzenban). Extracted from Samsho NeoGeo Collection = Samurai Shodown V Special "Final Edition" / Samurai Spirit Zero Special "Final Edition" from unreleased Location test in 2004. Hi everyone, this is the dump of Samurai Shodown V Perfect, an unreleased neo-geo version that has finally found its way with the latest SS collection released by Epic store, there's an xml file in the archive that states "This romset is for the Darksoft flash cart rom pack". If anyone finds an alternative way to play it please leave a comment below! Edit by 7zxkv: It's not perfect, it's Samurai Spirits V/Zero Special "Final Edition" or "Location test" version (extracted from samsho neogeocollection). NGM/NGH 272. Perfect is a patchs (titles screen, overkills, english language for story mode, etc) set applied on the fly in memory, on the original 2004 location test version. In resume, it's the loc test rom which was used as based to make samsho5 perfect. Here's the link: [Hidden Content] or Original files from perfect (non exctrated): [Hidden Content] Good roms, check FBN: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] IPS Patch (english language): samsh5pf-ips.7z (only available on japanese region because "story mode" is only available for Japan fixed) Interesting threads: [Hidden Content] (resume) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] AES Bootleg (from NCI): here = FR: Le travail est de bonne qualité d'un point de vu électronique mais totalement mensonger sur sa jacquette. NON, il s'agit de Final Edition mis en bootleg et non de la version perfect (ou semi-perfect disponible en roms et patché de partout et qui n'est pas encore identique à la version samsho collection), c'est une erreur qui rend ce bootleg totalement incohérent, sortie de façon précipité et sans aucune valeur. Pour faire bien il aurait fallut inventer une jacquette: "Final Edition" non disponible, mais surement pas indiquer "Perfect Edition" alors que cela n'a rien à voir. EN: The work is of good quality from an electronic point of view but totally false on its cover. NO, this is a Final Edition bootleg and not the perfect version (or semi-perfect available in roms and patched everywhere and which is not identical to the samsho collection version), it is an error that makes this bootleg totally inconsistent, released in a rush and without no value. To do well it would have been necessary to invent a cover: "Final Edition" not available, but certainly not indicate "Perfect Edition" when it has nothing to do.
  7. PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION + GAPLUS, ©BNEI 2020, both are demakes made this year by Bandai/Namco and extracted from the game NAMCOT Collection Vol.1&2, enjoy for the first time ever two classics directly on your mini FC/NES or on your preferred emulator! (FC JPN hi-res covers included in the game folders) PS. Both games have hi-score feature! [Hidden Content] By the way... Leave a like if you appreciate this post!
  8. guess on the first page
  9. The error you are experiencing has nothing to do with the intro video nor the 2nd IO, the game runs perfectly also if jconfig it's not specific for it and doesn't allow the access to the test menu game settings nor the use of blood, for what concerns the correct button setup, here it is gamepad button 1 = P3 button1 gamepad button 2 = P3 button2 gamepad button 3 = P1 button5 gamepad button 4 = P1 button6 gamepad button 5 = P1 button1 gamepad button 6 = P3 button4 this configuration is for Type A
  10. you're welcome!!! to answer your question... yes and no, more no than yes actually.... remember, google and photoshop are our best friends.
  11. This is somehow more than a "grab and play" content, this package contains all you need to build from scratch (or customizing an existing DK cabinet) a brand new Fix-it Felix Jr. arcade machine, comprehensive of game, vector repro and cabinet plans, if you have thought about to embark on a journey and spend some genuine time to build something that will certainly bring some color in your living room, basement or game room, here it is, this is your chance to have some fun or get nuts while trying to... This is the final result which with some effort you can achieve with (let's say) a couple of months of work. These are instead the repros included in .psd and vector .eps format, ready to be printed, I suggest doing a proper research online to choose the more appropriate support for printing, the cabinet base color, joystick, buttons, glass, plexi, wood, etc... there's plenty of video tutorials on YT and internet to learn how other people got this done with killer accuracy. and last but not least, here the website where you can find all the plans and measurements to build the cab from scratch: [Hidden Content] To assemble and play the latest version of the rom just follow the simple instructions sheet I included in the archive, that's it! NOTE: Game has a vertical screen orientation. If you like this post leave a like! [Hidden Content] You can fix it!! LOL
  12. Tekken 7 FR AC kit Hi-res [Hidden Content]
  13. then eventually it's coming also the marquee. .. lol
  14. lol...let's have a laugh... it's better...
  15. Who wants this? ...T7FR AC kit ready to print for cabinets... marquee hi-res 5k move strips hi-res 15k, 10k, 4k
  16. KIRA KIRA STAR NIGHT AC, it's an arcade port made by Japanese developer Riki in 2017 based on the DX version for Famicom, HD Marquee and instruction card are included in the game folder, enjoy and leave a like if you appreciate my post! NOTE: The game is playable with any FC/NES emulator. [Hidden Content]
  17. Then check one page back, read the post and leave a like
  18. SFV TA MARQUEE 6536x4597 150dpi .tif uncompressed (95Mb), enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  19. Who wants this marquee in .tiff 8k res format? ...lol
  20. Jeez... The problem is not when you open close the game, at the moment settings are saved just once, if you try to edit the test menu a second time then the game doesn’t refresh the new changes... to apply again a new setting you have to delete the sv folder... buggy doesn’t mean that it can’t save... read carefully next time!
  21. nope, jconfig must have some bugs on the save feature, I'm afraid that's the only way at the moment