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  1. If anyone wants to login with multiple IC cards, I made an AutoHotkey script (also on pastebin). Comments in the file describe usage, but it's basically "install AHK, save the file next to chunithm, make some duplicate felica.txt files with different contents in the DEVICE directory, run it, hit F5/F6 to log in." It's pretty trivially simple, as AHK scripts go, but make a backup before use. Didn't bother compiling it to a binary because many people will need to customize bindings/filenames/whatever for their needs. felica_copy.ahk
  2. Finally got my controller working, and the game running and everything; huge thanks to everyone here. Getting Expert S's a few credits in after a year away from the game, on a homebrew ASC, feels immensely satisfying. A few questions: Does anyone have the Omnimix files that they could share somehow? How many additional tracks are in the latest version of that, anyway? What exactly is the Force Unlocked download; is it just unlocking all characters/events/Master songs, or something? I haven't applied any of those patches (I kind of want to keep the install "clean" so I can progress more in-line with the arcade profile experience, if that makes sense.) Figure I should at least enable the courses so I can have more options for character unlocks, etc. (If I'm understanding what that one does correctly, of course.) Finally, does anyone know if there's an easy way to emulate a second Aime card with the minime/segatools configuration explained in this thread? Figure the faked card GUID must be stored in a file or something, so overwriting that with different values when I want different profiles would probably be super easy (or just... overwriting the backing database for minime, though I don't think I want to be restarting minime every time I swap profiles...) I can probably figure it out/script something up, but if there's already some method to do it that people have/use, no sense repeating others' work. EDIT: Sure enough, it was just the string in the felica.txt file in the subdirectory there; changing that value gave me a new login, changing it back gave me my main profile, loaded when you hit enter. Will probably put some sort of utility together so I don't have to copy different backed up files into place just to change players, but that'll be trivial with how it's implemented. Cool.