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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Heya. I've got an issue with Sega Racing Classic that I can't seem to be able to fix. Having an NVIDIA gfx card, the game suffers from the infamous flickering road. I've got the version of the game that's on Google (the one already patched) but it doesn't seem to make the trick. So I got the patch for widescreen but it didn't cut it either… is there anything I'm missing? Would anyone be so kind as to give me a retard-proof step-by-step guide to make the game work?
  2. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Seems to be off, mind reuploading? Thanks in advance!
  3. [Emu] Cxbx/XQemu Emulateur Xbox sur PC

    I suggest using CXBXR, not sure if you're referring to the same thing. Here's my post in another thread about it:
  4. So what's the current situation regarding emulation of the Switch? Should I stick to Yuzu or give a try to Ryujinx? I'm having shitty performance with it, at least on the games I tried: Pokémon Sword, Mario Odyssey and Virtua Racing. Here are my specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X (I believe that's like 6 cores at 3.4 ghz), NVIDIA GeForce 1060GTX 3GB, 16.0GB RAM @ 1043MHz. Am I due to an upgrade? :(
  5. Sorry, bit of a late answer but for mouse (as well as lightguns) support you need to disable all inputs into CXBXR and get it back using Demulshooter. Once you downloaded it, I suggest you put it in a folder of your choosing and make a bat file to launch the game directly. Here's a template, just modify it according to your paths and you should be good to go. cd /d C:\PathToDemulShooter start DemulShooter.exe -target=chihiro -rom=vcop3 start /wait C:\PathToCXBXR\cxbx.exe /load "C:\PathToYourRoms\vc3.xbe" WMIC PROCESS WHERE Name="DemulShooter.exe" CALL Terminate exit
  6. My pleasure. Still, I still find it a little odd you get nothing upon inspecting... I checked online and as line said, people in the business of arcades (and dumpers, obviously) use HDDRawCopy to make backups of their games so I'm starting to believe the disk has been formatted, plain and simple.
  7. Just had my father over phone (he was an IT when he was younger), turns out it is entirely possible to have data not show up due to having the incorrect system. Can't help you further then, sorry.
  8. Could be but I'm not entirely sure why the partition would not even show up... I believe the data would still show up, even if encrypted. I've got to admit this is a bit out of my expertise but it would be the first time I hear of such a technique. Just to be sure and if it's not too personal to ask, where did you get these disks from? Because it's also possible that the previous owner, or the devs themselves, formated the disks and broke the partitions to make sure no one would pirate their game.
  9. No problem, thank you for translating it. I believe Windows either cannot read the partition format, or it got corrupted somehow. Do you have access to a Linux PC? Linux might be able to recover it. As it stands, with Windows, your only possibility is to create a new partition using the unallocated space but that would mean losing all the data on the disk.
  10. Run diskmgmt.msc from the Run… command in Windows menu, then post a screenshot of the disk info. It's a partition issue, but I'm not entirely sure of the cause or how to gain back access to the data on it so let's start with that and we'll see how to proceed next. Hopefully, there's more than one partition and the one that contains Gunslinger Stratos is just hidden, in which case it's gonna be easy to display it.
  11. [Arcade PC] Gundam Zion (Taito Type X+)

    Got the game working but is there any way to edit the controls? I tried using an ahk script but it doesn't seem to register (though it works since I tried to use it alt tabbed). Mostly I'd like to replace the start button (1) with enter instead. Also is there any easy way to quit the game? It's really unpractical at the moment. Edit: got it. If you come across this message and need an explanation on how to proceed, send me a PM or quote-reply. Can't be hassled atm lol.
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Launch Teknoparrot and activate test mode, launch the game and change the currency from tickets to coins. Save, leave, and then relaunch the game without test mode.
  13. Disregard everything I said earlier, I managed to figure it out. That said I have an issue I don't know how to fix at the moment: I'm getting a movie error with Gaia Attack 4 despite the fact it's running in compatibility mode and that I installed the codec package that was given alongside the game. Am I supposed to install it in some specific place, or do I just have shitty luck? Anyone care to help? Edit: nevermind, got it. If you have the same issue, download and install Media Player Codec Pack from the official website.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Merci, ça fonctionne niquel en passant en raw ! Enfin !!! J'ai pu configurer tout les jeux que je voulais configurer sur TP :D
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Ugh, I just can't get Let's Go Jungle Special or Operation Ghost to run properly... I just get no input despite configuring Demulshooter. Anyone care to give me an updated step by step guide on how to proceed? Just in case, here's my OG shortcut: start E:\Retrogaming\Tools\Scripts\Mouse\HideMouse.exe cd /d E:\Retrogaming\Tools\Demulshooter start DemulShooter.exe -target=ringwide -rom=og start /wait E:\Retrogaming\Emu\TP\TeknoParrotUi.exe --profile=OG.xml start E:\Retrogaming\Tools\Scripts\Mouse\RestoreMouse.exe I haven't tried making one for LGJS yet as I can't get even my keyboard to work, but the same code (modified with the correct names) works perfectly for Sega Golden Gun, Dream Raiders, Rambo and Transformers HA so I don't understand what's wrong… Edit: same problem with Let's Go Island. You can respond in french btw. Edit 2: got LGJS to work, but is there any way to get 1080p support? Also I'm not sure how to bind the action buttons...