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  1. I hope you get some. Its a very worthy project. I would but only high level code gets me out of bed these days!
  2. You can replace the images in the bezel folder.. If your saying what I think you are, yeah, not much can be done about that. There is no opacity available for this. Its just window trickery.
  3. Wow. I see your post about what you were working earlier today, That's great news if it can it handle bigger dimensions. Its your prerogative of course but would really love a windows version. I realize your hard core if your Linux only but Im just too old, lazy and impatient to use anything other than windows day to do basis and most people are' too. Good work though. Impressive.
  4. Update V7 - 2020-04-14 - I had another go at Thayer's Quest and there is a new 4K (1440p) version included in this. I used MadVR and captured the output. Resulting in something very decent in my opinion considering the LaserDisc capture is quite bad. If anyone has a lossless copy of the LD I would love to have another go at this. Still currently this is the best out there with Daphne at this point. I split the VOB into two parts as Daphne will not work with a video over 2GB. This allows a 1440P version with a reasonable quality MPEG2. - Since I had good results with Thayer's quest I ran Cobra Command through MADVR and am calling this an HQ version which is also included. Daphne does not allow an upscaled version of this game but in my opinion this version looks better. Again, if someone has a better LD capture I would be happy to have another go but cant do a lot with Daphne. Maybe someone can make a Singe 2 version? - This version utilizes the bezel project and works similar I guess to Rocketlauncher (although I did not look at it or the code) if you want this option. I have an outstanding issue with the ALT key pausing/unpausing the game when using Bezels and not sure how to fix that right now. Its because Daphne is running in a window. If anyone wants to help fix let me know. Link V6 to V7 Update Zip: [Hidden Content] Full ISO: [Hidden Content] 4K Cobra Command processed video (not for Daphne. For demo purposes (has a little ringing)): [Hidden Content]
  5. V7 is uploading shortly. There will be a V6 to V7 update zip.
  6. Moving on guys. As I always said, I (along with sources from others) just created this thing. I am not a warez person.. Personally you have my permission to host it elsewhere if you want to help. Again, moving on. Good news. New version incoming. I had another got at upscaling Thayer's quest and it is much better. Also video processed version of Cobra Command incoming.,
  7. Anyway I am not renewing the megaupload account when it expires because of ungrateful pricks like you. everyone give Cool Coyote a round of applause. Moving on.
  8. It is because you are of zero importance to me. Link is good buddy. End of. Not my problem if you don't have a job. What the fuck do you do around here anyway other than just leach and complain?
  9. Yeah, I am so watch yourself. Did you even go to school? You can't even string a sentence together.
  10. Are you clinically retarded or actually 5 years old fucktard?
  11. I use GameEx too but don't know much about rocketlauncher.and use the in built daphne support and just changed the exe to daphne 4k.exe. Works good. I expect it does not work with bezels as daphne.exe is launched via daphne 4k.exe.and not directly.
  12. Updated 2021-02-24 - Star Blazers (Singe 1) by Karis and Famawizard has been added. Starblazer which is just the Japanese version of Galaxy Ranger has been removed to avoid confusion. Star Blazers was in fact in the arcades but only in Japan, - New reverse uip/down keyboard controls option. This only affects mach 3, galaxy ranger, astron belt, and cobra command. These games used a kind of flight stick in the arcades and up down was reversed. To me, it seemed like a useful option and makes playing these games more logical and playable on a keyboard or joystick. Link updated.
  13. First post updated. The sound issue seems to occur with some onboard intel graphics on Windows 10. I can't duplicate it right now though so might have been fixed in an update.
  14. New version incoming. Just an update to the front end to allow cobraab rom to launch from command line. For anyone wishing to integrate this into a front end its very easy. In most cases it is just a case of changing the path and exe file.
  15. Updated. Link updated. See first post. Enjoy!