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  1. I got this error is there any way to fix it? --- Begin chuni_pre_startup --- Pinned shader compiler, hMod=567C0000 --- End chuni_pre_startup --- Clock: Returning JST timezone Game processes have terminated Press any key to continue . . . .
  2. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    [Hidden Content] I guess...
  3. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    That one has to get that data but it's very difficult
  4. Or maybe they wait for the current peace version to end to get the data .... I guess so
  5. I also use translation software, the song in peace hdd is not updated, I guess in the future they will update !!!
  6. Is there a way to make panel pop'n music via the keyboard to play?
  7. And how to update to add new songs and characters ??? Peace
  8. And how to have daily quests, full of modes?
  9. hello can I ask if pop'n music peace can be played offline?
  10. Hello, can I have asphyxia download link?
  11. I have a font error, is there a way to fix it?
  12. I downloaded 2 mega files to play pop'n music peace like how to play, is there any video instructions?