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  1. you cant just..... adjust it yourself? like yeah, its a cool feature, but is it really a feature SO IMPORTANT that you cant wait a little while to use?
  2. isnt the only difference between Bistrover and Cast Hour the song selection and UI visuals? why are yall so nutty for it? its not 2005 anymore, we arent gonna get massive game-changing features in new releases. im sure you guys can wait a little bit to play the new hit single by John Konami
  3. I had a similar problem with de-syncing audio, what worked for me was going into the Windows display settings, setting my monitor to 120 hz instead of 144, and going into SpiceCFG and enabling "Enable All IO Modules" - I'm honestly not sure if the IO Modules option actually does anything in this case, but it seems to have worked for me. Your save data will be somewhere in the Plugins folder, not sure where though. That's where Asphyxia's data is though.
  4. Has anybody gotten any of the spicetools games running on Wine? I've been trying off and on for the past year or so, but the only game I can get running is The Movie, and that doesn't use spice. I always get avs related errors, whether its avs net socket, avs config, its typically avs related. I did get a few IIDX games running on spice, namely Copula and Sinobuz, both on 32 bit spice (wine seems to have more problems on 64 bit spice?) so it gives me a LITTLE hope that other things can run, but i usually end up getting stuck on avs related errors. I've tried a bunch of different libraries on a bunch of different wine bottlers too, Crossover, Lutris, base Wine, I'm always stumped. If anybody has made more progress than me, I'd really appreciate some help.
  5. We could have a giant guide on how to run IIDX that accounts for every single edge case and has a solution to every single error that Spice could throw, and people would still ask the same questions over and over again, people just gotta learn how to read thread posts.
  6. I can run this on my 2011 iMac, the requirements is anything better than a toaster.
  7. i had the same NTDLL error, moving the dlls from the Modules folder to the root folder with Spicetools fixed it for me
  8. read the rest of the error code. you need C++ Redistributables and DirectX 2010 Runtimes. theres a link for the C++ Redistributables in the error code, open the log and download it from the Github. you can download the DirectX 2010 Runtimes from Microsoft's website. if getting both of those dont work, try copying bm2dx from your modules folder to the same folder with Spicetools in it.
  9. I have the Spada files where should I message you?
  10. I get the IC Card error on both 0915 and 0830 with the Omnimix patch, and the same errors in the terminal. I am pleasantly surprised that the 0830 patch does actually activate Omnimix though! EDIT: oh shit nevermind! I'm just stupid and ran the bat for 0915 again without realizing LOL the 0830 patch works perfectly fine for me. Sorry about that!
  11. Does Asphyxia work for you on Omnimix? It wont let me insert a card, and I get some pretty funky errors in the terminal for it. I hope there's gonna be a patch for it, I'm gonna miss being able to save
  12. ok so update: for previews of the Asphyxia CORE customization options, I have a barebones little page im working on that shows the names+sprites of the customization options. It only has noteskins and judgeskins right now bc those were the most important to me, but ill work on it some more tomorrow [Hidden Content] no ETA on QP skins bc i already know theyre gonna be a pain, but expect turntables and keybeams within the next couple days
  13. No worries, thanks for the info. I know some very barebones HTML, I might have to put in the work myself to make a site for it then it sounds like a lot of very un-fun work but i bet ppl would appreciate it some
  14. You sound like you really know your shit about Asphyxia. Do you know if anyone's made a site or something for you to preview the note burst/turntable/lanecover/whatever options for ppl that cant access the page on the official Bistrover site? I hate having to go through the options one by one to see which ones I like, and every time I try to go on the Bistro part of the Bistrover site, it just says my account doesn't have access to it, I'm assuming its bc I don't have any bistrover data on my card?
  15. The error message says theres ongoing server maintenance. Did you enable maintenance in SpiceTools? If you did, turn it off. I don't even play with SmartEA on because I just always play on Asphyxia. I'd recommend leaving SmartEA unchecked and maintenance set to default.