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  1. Ok seems the fix the start new game crash its a windows issue it will not start if the root dir its too long so if you get the game under c: or on desktop should work fine check the github [Hidden Content] Now the only issue remaining its to find a way to save the keybindings as every time we exit the game gors to the default arcade machine we have to setup all over again
  2. Just tried to load one of the 3 saves and i get to the screen insert 1 credit with the countdown then goes back to the main screen is there any specific key to insert credits as i tried all the keys and mouse and nothing seems to work Update: i managed to get it to work somehow nut every time i start it over need to setup all the key bindings again and finally i got it after binding all the keys just need to load a save and save it again it was a bit buggy at the beginning the monsters wouldnt fall over when killed but now after i got through a couple of levels its all fine ?? seems the trick its to setup your key bindings and load/save your own conf ?? ups i was wrong wont save the key bindings at all if u exit :(
  3. I can manage to launch the game but when it starts it crashes on trying primary port at local just exits without any errors