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  1. @gasabbath Arcade Love [Hidden Content]
  2. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    I need insert coin version... for Cassie.
  3. MAKARON EX v4.1 Fullset

    With roms
  4. MAKARON EX v4.1 Fullset

    MAKARON EX V 4.1 with the 125 Roms of Naomi 1.2 Recommended requirements Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.7 GHz (or higher) or AMD X2 3 GHz (or higher) 3GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 9500 Video Card (or higher) Note: Comes only with a computer Compatible with this configuration above With A video card of at least 1 Gig. Total size: 8.73 gb Compatible xbox controller Tested from me & working [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. I will try. Thanks mate. I love asian people. ^-^
  6. Gamepad but i always finish the game on arcade saloon with steering whell because steering wheel is soft & easy turnable. İ tried again with steering whell but very hard turnable. :S
  7. I havent tried new games. I tried Outrun 2's insert coin feature. It works perfectly.
  8. The hot games of the night came from Bruce. Many thanks. Now i can die easily :D
  9. Soft15k exe [Hidden Content] Also i using crt emu driver with compatible ati display card on crt tv. @SuperMagoAlex
  10. f.cking awesome news. omg. Great.
  11. I played in the place i went. The game is fun. I waiting for arcade dump. @spiderzsoft
  12. Great game come back huh ? Great.
  13. 3 vs 3 FPS Steam: [Hidden Content] Beta register page: [Hidden Content]
  14. I couldnt make the settings. Im gonna get a cfw PS3 next month. I have burned my brain out of dealing with the settings. Damn it :D
  15. @soso92 Then we will die mate. A scandal is reported every day in the country where I live. There is no other way to spend time with games. People here are psychopaths, mentally ill. :D Slowly coming games news. Im waiting for Rage 2 outside of arcade games. I say enjoy the break. I have been listening to this song and its 6:00. Sometimes I pause the games. Since i have played the MK11, I have been unable to spend any time on my work. :D
  16. Not bad. If i can get out of sleep mode, i will try.
  17. I dont upload the content that I havent tested. The content i uploaded working smoothly on my personal computer.
  18. I downloaded these game but i cant found launchable exe. Ok ok i see now
  19. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Non-coin feature games with are not from us. :D Many thanks.