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  1. Waiting for [Hidden Content] arcade dump. Nice anime graphics. Great gameplay. Sega Ring 2 ? based arcade fighting game. Developer & Puplisher: Arc System Works. Guilty Gear etc.
  2. [Hidden Content] @mikedarlington@rocketmail.
  3. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Arcade based fighting game. Arcade/PS3/PS4
  4. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Arnold on Arcade game.
  5. 1CC (8chan) down

    Like another nintendont case. Its sad.
  6. Fiyat çok hacı. Istanbul'da olsaydın ve fiyat iyi olsa düşünmüyor değildim hani. English translate :D Your arcade machine price is very high. If u live in Istanbul underground maybe i can buy this handmade arcade machine.
  7. The console versions includes extra characters and the online character balances between characters is always stable.
  8. I need Mortal Kombat 1992 Special Edition Shang Tsung Arcade Dump for TP ? I dont care Tekken arcade dumps. Do not contaminate the subject with unnecessary games. Tekken forever. :D
  9. Even the insert coin text is good news for me. @Gwyllion @spiderzsoft
  10. Hot news is coming. @spiderzsoft
  11. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Sorry for poor gameplay because vsync setting auto opened.
  12. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    [Hidden Content] Also available for Dreamcast (few years ago) now on PC Game Description STURMWIND EX is a shoot-em up in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves – shoot it! You can play missionmode with all 16 levels with saving your progress with every finished level or arcademode with 6 levels and no continues. Game Features 16 Levels 3 difficulty levels Configurable controls Different weapons selectable Upgradable weapons, drones and different weapon-/drone-formations Additional superweapons like superbeam and smartbombs More than 20 large boss enemies Hundreds of different enemies Achievements, Highscore and Levelstatistics Customizable User Interface
  13. This friend is more useful than most people around me. Im really feel sad if something happened to spindizzi. :( Also; Google translate sucks. I know wrong translation of the last sentence. I am aware.
  14. Sega based arcade game. MJ5 Back-up link: [Hidden Content]
  15. Also, i think also VR support on this game. Sega Dreamcast never dies for me. @digweed
  16. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Looks great. Thanks. @soso92
  17. Game Loader All Rh

    When im hungry i play arcade game. The revival of the forum was good. If new arcade games come on the net, it will be a nice new year gift. :D Thanks for patchs.
  18. [Trad French//English] GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN

    Thank u @nucleaireland
  19. [Hidden Content] Anyone can access the site? I cant login. :(
  20. Someone please upload Lets Go Jungle Special.