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  1. I will back again TP world. The real world. Matrix. My net connection poor in last few days. Sorry for that guys. Not TP video but like supporting TP KOFUM 98 2k2 (poor gameplay but my main games Street Fighter series. TP supporting Usfiv. Awesome support) 🤗
  2. Looks great theme with other game systems. I must go try. [Hidden Content]
  3. 3D or 2D feature selectable. @susoarkangel
  4. Try Lets Go Island 3D / These game opening full screen. @susoarkangel
  5. Cemu v1.15.10 - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    Day of Requests Winners (Low Priority repacks) ⇢ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (v208 on Cemu v1.15.10) Source: [Hidden Content]
  6. Some games for TeknoParrot / re-uploaded from me. Battle Gear 4 V2.03 GBR[TTX+].7z [Hidden Content] SilentHill The Arcade.zip [Hidden Content] SHarcadeVidSndFix.zip [Hidden Content] transformers_final.7z [Hidden Content] FightingClimax.7z [Hidden Content]
  7. Reduce the drugs, man. @trouby
  8. I playing these game with Maria. I dont know. Sorry dude. @khc002
  9. I say before. Virtua Tennis 3 works without problem with two players (with X360 controller)
  10. I played few months ago again, No graphical glitchs, no bugs, no problem, no lag, no system error, no fatal error 404, no blue screen. Very enjoyable game. @Fulgore18 Hmmm also; Ok guys... Im on home now. Virtua Tennis 4 reupload with coin patch. VT4.rar [Hidden Content] Coin patch for VT4 [Hidden Content]
  11. New LB/BB theme released. [Hidden Content] Looks great