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  1. I made an image of the HDD of this machine here a link for those who want to look it does not use dongle just ask for the I / O card [Hidden Content]
  2. Hello everyone!! I'm Coding, I wanted some help to emulate the dongle of this machine his dump is here [Hidden Content] the dongle used is a Sentinel PRO Hasp HL 3.25 I used RTDumperGUI to make this dump [Hidden Content] I used SRM-DUMPER.exe to make this dump [Hidden Content] I'm trying to emulate it but I need a code called MODAD that I can get with a USB LOGGER (TORO USB LOGGER) but the game knows that I’m monitoring and doesn’t let it open for understanding my steps will be 1. first install the dongle drivers and then connect the HASP HL 3.25 dongle to the USB port and check that the dongle led is on 2. start TigerBowl.exe and verify that it is running normally 3. close the game, start the usb logger software (TORO USB LOGGER) and then open the game, which then returns me an error, it seems to me that the game knows that I am monitoring the dongle kkkkkkk if someone has experience emulating dongle and can help me