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  1. Hello , what are the steps to play this game with the bezel ? Thanks
  2. Hello Friends, would someone be able to assist with how I can get HOTd4 / Rambo working with an aim trak light gun in TP ?
  3. Has Anyone been able to play rambo with an aimtrak lightgun? I am able to run rambo but not able to shoot or aim the crosshair? I can see the crosshair in the upper left corner of my screen but it doesnt move ? same is happening in too spicy and HOTD4...any help would greatly be appreciated:)
  4. Hello would anyone have a taito or other bezel background I could use for darius Burst ? Thanks a lot
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello would anyone have a taito or other bezel background I could use for darius Burst to use with gameloader all rh? Thanks a lot:)
  6. I actually did a fresh install....still same issue
  7. I have same issue all of a sudden ? any way to fix this because like for example darius burst will load and then then force quit because of the error?
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello would anyone be able to assist me with Darius ? I have the Darius-emuline dump but when I try and play it with gameloader (using TP newest version with controls all set up ) the game boots up but i am not able to control the game with my xbox 360 controller ? I also want to try my xarcade as well to control it . Thanks for any help out there !!!!
  9. Thanks but Link may be down ??
  10. Hello i have Dariius working with the newest version of TP ! My pc deskyop resolution is 1920 x 1080p , is there any way to play darius in full screen with a resolution that works in full screen with TP? Thanks
  11. Linglang , Thanks for all your hard work too! Without your help it would of been a lot harder to understand and get these games going !
  12. Hello is anyone familiar with the operation ghost workaround download/FIX for TP?
  13. Thanks for the file I did just that and its still in 720p???
  14. Hello Can anyone help with 4k resolution? Ive followed your steps here and all i get is 720p? Thanks