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  1. WG CRT VGA Monitor Windows 10 PC

    Hello , I am in need of some help with my arcade cabinet equipped with a WG CRT VGA monitor which is connected to a windows 10 pc with a desktop resolution of 800 x 600. So currently I am able to run hyperspin mame games beautifully but my windows desktop looks funny and if I goto any higher resolutions the screen blanks out and goes berserk???? I am wondering if there is any software or hardware that would allow me to change my windows resolution to a higher resolution so I could try and run Teknoparrot , arcade pc , gameloader all rh games on this crt vga monitor ? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to start Rambo ? I cant seem to get it to start when I map a key ?
  3. Can anyone share what is the best way to play Rambo on TP with an aimtrack lightgun ? or is it not possible currently? I have the game up and running in TP but cant control it ??? Thanks for the help
  4. I went back in and read the thread in its entirety and saw that you posted quite a lot of questions asking for help and it seems you and I have a similiar interest in resolution issues so since thats the case what worked best for you ? I would love to try it so I to could rectify our issues with resolution! Thanks for the tip
  5. Looking for any help on using my Recroom masters 4 player controller stick (IPAC2) with games such as Injustice 2 , Tekken7 or any other fighting game! I am not able to map the controls and my recroom masters 4 player controller stick is listed as a keyboard in the games however some buttons will map but a majority of them wont ?? I am able to play Shaolin vs wutang without any problems and the buttons map fine as it lists my 4 player recroom masters controller stick as a keyboard?? Thanks!!
  6. I have a 3840 x 2160 aspect ratio on my desktop and am wondering whats the best way to get full screen on Star wars battlepod ? when I press f11 the screen freezes up but I can hear the game audio in background. Im just looking to get full screen I dont really care about 4K?
  7. FIXED , needed to open it on desktop !
  8. Hello Im trying the dome fix patch and am looking at the readme and for some reason its not creating the unpacked folder ? thanks for any help !!
  9. Is there a way to play this game through TP? Do I use the game.exe file? Ive tried and it doesn't load ??? Thanks
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    Is there a particular resolution setting to use ?I ve changed the res to 1280 x 768 and the cross hair seems to have gotten a little more accurate but is off ....... Thanks
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks that worked !! Real quick whats the best way to get the crosshairs aligned to play properly......gameloader all rh and demulshooter -- not sure what versions work the best??
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    For some reason I am not able to get the coin button in Transfomers to work and start the game ????
  13. Thank you sir i will give it a go !!!