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  1. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Im looking to play a few PC fighting games on my rec room masters 4 player edition controller ( I m just looking to play with player 1 and player 2 ) but most of the game controls are based off the xbox 360 controller and my controller is based off the keyboard....Im trying to play new games like MK, marvel , tekken and streetfighter etc Thanks!
  2. Hello , would someone be so kind to help me get this game running ? I am able to set it up in TP and says game is running but then I get a large white screen and then it goes back to my desktop? I am only able to run the original FNF game and not able to run any other newer FNF games in the series.........PLEASE Any help !!!!! Thanks
  3. Linglang has saved the day again !!!!! Thanks
  4. Hello can anyone share their button mappings for afterburner and machstorm in TP when using an xbox controller to play those games ? Thanks
  5. Hello would anyone be of assistance with getting FNF supercars to work ? Maybe I need a different .exe file ??? So my issue is I have the game in c:/rawart and in Tp is shows the game loading and the screen goes black then a large white box comes up and doesn’t load while going back to my desktop screen with TP in the background ! Please any help would be so helpful thanks All !!!!!
  6. Hello friends , I was looking for a little help with FNF super cars in TP : Just wondering if someone has a link to the proper dump and how to get it runnng. I have FNF working in TP (steering is bad with logitech wheel though) and have it in c:\rawart folder. Thanks
  7. Hello friends ! I was wondering if anyone could assist me with getting the logitech g25 wheel steering properly in Fast & Furious for TP. Im using the newest version of TP and for some reason the steering is off but everything else in game is fine. Other TP racing games work just fine !! Thanks for any help
  8. Hello , what are the steps to play this game with the bezel ? Thanks
  9. Hello Friends, would someone be able to assist with how I can get HOTd4 / Rambo working with an aim trak light gun in TP ?
  10. Has Anyone been able to play rambo with an aimtrak lightgun? I am able to run rambo but not able to shoot or aim the crosshair? I can see the crosshair in the upper left corner of my screen but it doesnt move ? same is happening in too spicy and HOTD4...any help would greatly be appreciated:)
  11. Hello would anyone have a taito or other bezel background I could use for darius Burst ? Thanks a lot
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello would anyone have a taito or other bezel background I could use for darius Burst to use with gameloader all rh? Thanks a lot:)
  13. I actually did a fresh install....still same issue