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  1. I'm sorry for being late, real-life things happened, but I did install spicetools and made a .bat to run spice.exe constantly but the log is still throwing an error of "dll_entry_init" not found. Edit: It's no longer showing me the included error window of "failed to load game DLL" like in the picture I had on the post, it is now still saying "dll_entry_init" not found, and now asking for a disk in the harddrive? (Isn't this related to the no E drive error, I swear I patched that with the dll modding site?) I'll put the new picture and new log.txt in this post. log.txt
  2. Do you still remember enough to make a tutorial of how to install and get Pop'n Music Peace running? Because goddamn, this game is still giving me errors in trying to get it to run.
  3. Hello, whenever I try to run Pop'n Music Peace from the launcher, my screen just says this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way and then crashes like the attached picture. I've been looking at what might be causing the problem, but it just says uninstall all of your microsoft c++ packages and then reinstall them which I've done and the game still throws the same error message. I've also tried to open Pop'n Music Peace through Spicetools, it almost opens but then ends with an error (I've included the log spicetools gives you) Is anyone else also having problems like this with Pop'n Peace or is there anyone who could help me? Edit: I've fixed the problem of SpiceTools not loading the dll. of the game, but now it's throwing an error of "dll_entry_init" not found. (I've included the new log) log.txt