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  1. is their a way to use the 8bitdo usb on chunithm?
  2. So paradise links are down?
  3. wow i am late so many new posts not sure what to do any crystal plus links still work ?
  4. lol using this stops my controls from working again
  5. if you look back on page 16 i said my segatools missing option= so i copied it again and this time it had the option=
  6. ok it works now hoping the chunithm amazon modder gets a update
  7. ok can this be why my segatools missing option=
  8. i am lost i can use sdfghjkl with chunithm version 1.35 it's not working on Crystal
  9. i can't play Crystal what are the controls ?
  10. ok thanks again now for some reason i can't save my settings that i did in their
  11. ok almost got it working the only part i am lost on is the red led i did hit sdfghjkl and it did't work
  12. thanks i was lost on that part for days
  13. how do i edit the segatools ?