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  1. I thought a story mode was supposed to be in SDVX 3, but nothing related to story mode appears when I started the game... is there something that I don't know? As a side note, the versions of both SDVX III are separately KFC-2015111602 for the first season, and KFC-2016121200 for the second season
  2. Uhm... I downloaded that update pack, but now I have a question... how am I supposed to know which update pack is used to which game???
  3. Nevermind, already solved the problem
  4. I tried to use a randomly generated e-amusement card by SpiceTools and I tried to let the game read that card, but it seems it didn't work and gave me this message... What's wrong and what should I do?
  5. It's weird to say, but the window is just oversized that the bottom part of the game in windowed mode is covered. Any way to resize the window to a smaller resolution?