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  1. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    2 new games Force five [Hidden Content] Kenju [Hidden Content]
  2. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    so far yes
  3. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    KOFXI [Hidden Content] KOFNW [Hidden Content] Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden [Hidden Content] Metal Slug 6: [Hidden Content]
  4. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    working crt not lcd
  5. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    free-play mode skips presentation videos. My hope is that he will create a games with the coin button. so i can inject sram arcade mode and start with introductory videos and even the dreamcast can become a real arcade.
  6. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    Rumble fish 1 converted
  7. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    Faster Than Speed converted
  8. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    And also Neogeo battle colisseum. link above
  9. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    megavolt85 is the developer who does the conversions ... he is only focused on converting gdi from new games. there is another team that takes roms converted to gdi is converting to cdi. It's in the beginning ... it will take a while to have all the games in different formats.
  10. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    let's wait for some patch. little launch time.
  11. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    run in dreamcast, real hardware... compatible gdemu or hd ide in dreamshell... Today have rom in cdi for test in cd.
  12. Arcade games sammy atomiswave converted to sega dreamcast. PC emulator compatible with games. flycast-win_x64 link all games Tutorial on how to change game settings cmd to enter the demul settings: dd if=mslug6.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=65836 count=6 dd if=ngbc.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=114988 count=8 dd if=samsptk.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=114988 count=8 dd if=kofxi.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=114988 count=8 dd if=kov7sprt.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57644 count=8 dd if=maxspeed.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=41260 count=12 dd if=ftspeed.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=49452 count=8 dd if=dolphin.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=41260 count=8 dd if=kofnwj.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57644 count=6 dd if=demofist.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57644 count=6 dd if=fotns.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57644 count=8 dd if=rumblef.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57644 count=6 dd if=rumblef2.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=98604 count=10 dd if=ggx15.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=58168 count=16 dd if=ggisuka.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=61197 count=10 dd if=sushibar.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=18941 count=6 dd if=dirtypig.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=57645 count=10 dd if=rangrmsn.sram of=track03.iso bs=2048 seek=41260 count=10 sram kofxi with all characters unlocked Download sram ngbc with all characters unlocked Download source [Hidden Content]=