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  1. options VHD files are corrupted and mount doesn't work. What did the people who extracted the option data do?
  2. I installed A114 and A020 and played the game normally once, and I found out that Aime card recognition and game end later than usual. And when I turned on the game again, the minime server window kept blinking like that screen in the picture, and the game stopped at the loading screen. What should I do? Because minimev13 had an error, I was using minimev10. I tried to change the data continuously, but except for making a new Aime profile and accessing it (this also stops in the next play), the screen came up and stopped. I was playing with custom&official Axxx data in A000(I don't know why, but the optional data is not applied. so I put it in A000 and played it.), but the same problem occurred when the crystal files were erased, reinstalled, and then attempted to be genuine after the initial problem occurred. There was a problem even if minimev10 was reinstalled.
  3. Are there these 11 crystal songs? I can't find them in game.