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    i5-3570K 3.40GHz/ 24GB DD3 / EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 / Windows 7 (Windows 10 VM)

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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    This isn't anything new. It seems like every new release breaks something that previously worked.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Use Borderless Gaming with it for full screen [Hidden Content]
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    I was just tagging you to inform you of things since this is pretty much your forum. For the most part that i know you havent been strict on small things such as mentioning a different loader or way of playing a game such as Jconfig. I just hope you have a talk about this, "off topic" bs with wolf. But anyways, this is off topic...if need be you can DM me if i broke some rule or something for speaking up for the community. Back to games.
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    TBH its technically not off topic if TP doesnt run the game fullscreen natively. its just like suggesting any other 3rd party to get it working correctly. When did this site become Nazi Germany for mentioning something else to help people? Sorry @Bruce you know how long i've been around here even before TP or even the 1CC stuff. It just seems like the forum has been decisive since TP was announced and people are getting power hungry talking about banning "off topic" posts when it isnt as it falls under Ringedge/ES3 systems. I'm throwing in my 2 cents, trying to ban out of a fear isn't gonna help people who just want to enjoy the games.
  5. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    How did you fix this? One of my computers is having the issue with the "0x8876086a" error
  6. [Arcade PC] Aliens: Extermination [Working] (Global VR)

    You have a download for this script?
  7. DONT JUMP! Lean into and bend your knees. Maybe do a flip.
  8. I mean if you are gonna steal...i mean modify someone elses work and you throw a hissy fit and call them names because they are trying to help, it may be you who are the Delusional one. Right, Watson?
  9. If you were smart you would realize i am not taking anything you are saying as serious as you. You are awfully defensive. Bullying you? Someone got daddy issues? GTFOH
  10. Nah I got it. I'm just a smart ass and for some reason you took that seriously. Do you always get this salty? I thought the dead sea was salty, then I met your bitch ass.
  11. Thank you. You shall be my Watson. Remember Watson, Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams.
  12. Bruh you sound salt and defensive as fuck. Guilty much?
  13. Theres an official YouTube for 1CC, [Hidden Content] Right now, we are playing catch up and posting short play videos for all dumps released. Tutorials to get them working will be posted there as well and any future game announcements will be posted on the channel as well. [Hidden Content]
  14. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 (ver. 1.3) the version before Ultra is now working.
  15. I can confirm it works with the loader