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  1. I think that in Golden Gun, credits are inserted with "service" button, in the case that you play with jconfig.
  2. Hi. If you or anyone had this issue yet, I think that I found one solution. This happens only with lindbergh games. I had the same issue and I could solve in this form: Right click at TeknoParrotUi.exe (inside the teknoparrot emulator folder). Then, Click on compatibility option and inside this section, click on "disable fullscreen optimizations" and "Run this program as an administrator". Then apply and accept the changes Then, inside the teknoparrot emulator folder yet, search "TeknoParrot" folder and find "BudgieLoader.exe". Right click in this file and then, Click on compatibility option and inside this section, click on "disable fullscreen optimizations". With these changes, I could open correctly lindbergh games with high resolution. I think that is compatibility issues of TP with Windows 10.
  3. [Arcade PC] Hog Wild (Uniana)

    I created a mirror link, there are not many links of this game. If anyone need this dump, you can download again. [Hidden Content]
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    Hi guys, and thanks for the support in first place , only I have a question, when I used GL All rh with Ultra Street Fighter IV, after two or three minutes of gameplay, the game closes and one frame said this: "time out error (game.exe), waited for two minutes, but the game did not start properly or you are starting a game not supported by game loader". how can I solve it or I shouldn't use the loader for this game? Thanks for the attetion.
  5. I believe that you're trying to config a dump that used a software called "Arcade pc loader". This software use different launchers for config things like video settings and pad settings. Pad_config.exe is part of this software. You can install arcade pc loader or, you can get a "clean dump" of the game and config with the correct launchers (you can read more about this in the Taito type X thread
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    GL all rh is a frontend that you can use with Taito type X/X2, nesica, sega ringedge and ringwide (teknoparrot) and other arcade systems.....in the case of teknoparrot you don't need anymore com0com......and if you have installed all vc++ and net framework 4.5 or foward, its good, only don't forget install directx update too. you must use all rh.exe and config.exe inside each dump that you want to play (config.exe for set resolution, graphics, etc)....and all rh.exe is for play with the changes applied.......the installer.exe I think that is necessary use only 1 time and no more (it's for set other files of the loader). If you want more information you should read the first post and ask later if you have problems with a specific game.
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    Gameloader All RH 300: [Hidden Content] Great return of GL all rh
  8. Eso es solo un dump del juego en arcade.....el ejecutable no es apto para funcionar en cualquier pc.....se va a necesitar de un launcher como teknoparrot para jugarlo......dentro de poco podria salir Sega Lindbergh games don't work yet......but with teknoparrot launcher, I think that we can play it......but probably we must to wait during these months
  9. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Right, I have the same issue and I had read something related with a incompatibility between the high resolutions in certainly PC's and the native resolution of these two sega ringedge/ringwide games.....it's because these games works with low resolutions, for this reason if you play in full screen mode adjusting to your pc resolution, the crosshair uncoordinate with the mouse cursor.....the best solution for me was using frame full screen with gameloader all rh, the cursor and the crosshair are separated yet, but I only ignore the cursor and move the crosshair around the screen without any problem.....other way can be changing temporarily the monitor resolution according the game using gameloader all rh.....(native res. Sega golden gun=1360 x 768 - Let's go island=1024x600) I tried to change native resolution of the games, but I had other worse issues related with crosshair
  10. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Tell me, what is your PC specs?? and don't forget update directx and other vcredits files (you can find it in teknoparrot post).......This game works for me using teknoparrot 1.33 (I haven't tested in new version) and gameloader all rh 296 with certain settings.
  11. wooww ......how do you work this dump without any graphic issues??......do you use any special resolution or modified files?? any config or some related with game loader all rh or another loader??.....I tried many ways, but this game boot with several graphic issues.....and I think that i'm not the only that have this problem.......thanks in advance for join the information.
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    Ooohh dude, is the GL all RH author angry again?? bad thing.....I think that his frontend is great, awesome to use for the loading of these arcade dumps. I don't know if the user Djexpert is the man behind the frontend or I don't know if the author read this forum, but I say, please don't stop with the project or erase the files for a rage moment, other people like me and other users of this community use this great software to play in an efficient way and quality too, personally I admire this work.......but well.......It's incredible that the project can be ended or erase because a little bastard trolls that only criticize the languaje of the author and his translations or the function of the frontend loader.....they are only that....trolls.....there are many around the world and it's easy to find them on the internet unfortunately...calm down and simply ignore it......think about the people that like and support your project.....thanks for all, and please try to load again the files and patches recopilation .
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    I set your recommended config, but unfortunately the graphic issue persist yet, curiously this is the only game that doesn't work properly, the other games work without any problem......Thanks for your help dude
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    O.k I show my settings that you said and the root of the game. In any case, I like know what is your config for this game. Thank you.
  15. Game Loader All Rh

    Right...... I use W10 RS3 x64 too but in spanish......but my graphic card of my desktop is Nvidia GTX970......do you use Intel HD graphics too??.....so, I believe that is related with the graphic chipset. Thanks for the support.