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  1. Oh. No, the process of extracting didn't t involve programming at all. You're welcome!
  2. Hello, Actually, someone else already did this (extracting all textures of the data dump - DDR A20) and even shared his download link...plus he even described the process of doing it in detail. Just read back somewhere in this thread.
  3. Hello, When you said "Golden League" do you mean the "Dan Courses?" So, in technical terms "Dan Courses" and "Golden League" are two different events, although playing the Golden League awards a player with access to "9tth Dan, 10th Dan, and Kaiden" courses. @One Eternal Ash is correct in saying that we are unable to uncover the Golden League event so far. However, the Dan Courses (1st to 8th Dan) are currently available. For first-timers, please watch and follow the videos exactly as shown: Once you get your setup working, come back and ask us the next questions.
  4. Yes, because of the nature/manner of unlocking most of the events in DDR A20. But if you ask me, as much as possible do it via musicdb.xml first...and only do the hex edit as a last resort. I personally feel that editing via musicdb.xml is a cleaner way to go about it. And also when doing so, instead of deleting the actual "limited" or "limited_cha" entries, it's best to just change whatever values are in there, to zero (0). For me that's a cleaner way to do it. Edit: I forgot to mention, there are also "non-event" songs that need to be added via the 2020020300 patch files. So, purely using only the 2019090300 files will not be sufficient for us to come up with a DDR A20 that closely matches the current state of the game. We also have to consider that DDR A20 was released in July 24th, 2019 (for Asia market - we need to use this date as reference since A:A:A is "Asia" machine)...so, since we have September 2019 data (as our base) then it means that DDR A20 was still pretty new at that time. That's why we will need to update (patch) it using newer files. ...unlike DDR Ace 2019042200 data which is almost the "end" of DDR Ace (transitioning to DDR A20), so this data dump is pretty much complete already, plus the fact that the unlock system of DDR Ace was straightforward and didn't require unlocking songs elsewhere like another game or the website.
  5. Hmm...I did see someone comment about it at the early pages of this thread, but I haven't heard any more than that. There are also a few posts in this thread that give an idea on how to add songs which you can try.
  6. @One Eternal Ash @tw3nz0r @topet2k12001 @B4SH-T @bman Hey guys, I was reviewing all the stuff I was doing (tracking through spreadsheets, comparing file versions, etc.) and came to a realization: for DDR A20 events, almost all of them have to be "force-unlocked" one way or another - either by removing "limited" flags in musicdb.xml (or changing them to zeroes instead of deleting), or by hex-editing a DLL file (I personally feel that editing musicdb.xml is less "hack-y" and a cleaner approach though). Short answer: completing events to unlock songs in DDR A20 is not completed in the "traditional" way like how it is in DDR Ace (where it is a straightforward matter of just "keep playing to reach a progress goal to unlock" or "clear the song to unlock" approach). Most events in DDR A20 involve/require non-traditional steps (e.g. you have to "vote" at the e-Amusement website to unlock songs, or you have to play another game like Sound Voltex to unlock, or play some mini-game at the e-Amusement website, etc.). Long answer: allow me to lay them down in detail, below: Ichika no BEMANI touhyou senbatsusen 2019 (いちかのBEMANI投票選抜戦2019) (9 songs) Methodology: keep playing game to earn tickets, and then you have to "vote" using these tickets to unlock songs via the e-Amusement website. References: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship Entry Songs (2 songs) Methodology: you have to register/sign up for KAC (Konami Arcade Championship) and then the song/s will become available for a limited time. You have to play the song/s for the duration that it/they is/are available. Reference: [Hidden Content] DDR CHALLENGE Carnival (7 songs) Methodology: after a round of play, you will obtain a stamp. After obtaining a certain amount of stamps, you will unlock CHALLENGE charts for songs. The event began on December 19th, 2019 and ended on March 30th, 2020. Reference: [Hidden Content] FLOOR INFECTION (3 songs) Methodology: the manner of unlocking these songs requires having to play Sound Voltex. Reference: [Hidden Content] Ichika no BEMANI chou janken taikai 2020 (いちかのBEMANI超じゃんけん大会2020) Methodology: log in to e-Amusement and play "rock, scissors, paper" online to acquire points, and then you can use the points to unlock the songs (at the website). This is the latest event and is currently ongoing and is newer than the current data dump, so obviously this is not included in our data (the event started on May 7th, 2020, and will end on August 31st, 2020). References: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] The only events I see that follow the "traditional" unlocking process like DDR Ace are: SUMMER DANCE CAMP Reference: [Hidden Content] DanceDanceRevolution 20th Anniversary Grand Finale Reference: [Hidden Content] EXTRA EXCLUSIVE Reference: [Hidden Content] Saving progress of Dan Courses as well as displaying scores is already closed/accomplished - just use the August 2019 arkmdxp3.dll file included in the 2020040300 package shared by @FeelTheXtasy or the one shared by @tw3nz0r (both are checked and confirmed to be the same identical file). I already tested various combinations with all available DLL files and Butterfly versions and I can confirm; Butterfly is NOT responsible for saving Dan Courses progress (for now, on A20 data dump) as well as displaying personal scores (whether official, or the 20191018 unofficial, or my unofficial versions). Let me know your thoughts.
  7. Hello, Hm...I apologize if I can't fully understand but, I made a how-to guide (start-to-finish). If you are willing to start again, try to follow the steps in the video. Hope this helps! DDR A20 Set-up Guide 2019090300 Dump (Post Install) Changing Settings in Butterfly Database.mp4 (Post Install) Fixing Game Crash at Card Screen via Hex Editing DDR A20 2019090300 Dump.mp4
  8. Hi @bman, Previously I was trying to do something similar until @topet2k12001 released Butterfly 1.1.1 and @One Eternal Ash discovered to extend the "ddr_16_global_events" table to 200 rows. I was trying to stitch together a single file that will allow me to see, in a single view, the details of the songs. What I did with musicdb.xml was to use an online XML to CSV converter because the built-in "export to CSV" feature of DDR A Database Manager doesn't export all the details. So now that a fully-detailed CSV was in place, I painstakingly (as it can only be done manually via reading and encoding into the spreadsheet) typed in the events that each of the songs would go to, using the Remywiki article as my reference. It's complete but at that point in time I didn't know what/how to make use of it, but now you mentioned it, maybe this could be of use to you so I'm sharing it (sharing it with everyone instead so I'm posting this publicly), here. I actually tracked for both DDR A and A20. I'm also re-attaching the Excel files that I shared in my previous post: File Comparison musicdb. These files are the ones I converted from XML to CSV online so it's a full conversion/export of all information from musicdb.xml.
  9. Hello sir! Thank you for the advice...but we only have the following data dumps available for download: 2019042200 2019090300 2020020300
  10. @One Eternal Ash @B4SH-T @FeelTheXtasy @topet2k12001 Using the arkmdxp3.dll of @FeelTheXtasy my Dan Course progress is preserved/saved. Full photo album Also, scores are saved (upper-left of screen) along with the lights/lamp on the song. The only thing left to fix, really, is the animation of "Grand Finale" event showing up at the end of each song.
  11. Yeah. Well, a torrent has to be uploaded by someone. It's possible that, that someone didn't upload a pristine/untouched copy of startup.arc (musicdb.xml). The 2020020300 version of startup.arc (musicdb.xml) is actually good for use as well, now that we have a clear line-by-line comparison with what @tw3nz0r provided. His version is basically the supposed" untouched" 2019090300 version of startup.arc. As we can see in my previous post...the difference is actually very small; we can almost say that they are identical if not for the 25 additional songs.
  12. Hi Friends, @One Eternal Ash @topet2k12001 @B4SH-T Here's a more detailed result of comparing startup.arc...to be specific we are comparing the "musicdb.xml" file since this is the one that holds song information. We are comparing between the following: The 2019090300 version from torrent data dump The 2019090300 shared by @tw3nz0r (this is what we should consider as "pristine" version of 2019090300 - this is the "complete" one) The 20200203 "update patch" data dump Unfortunately the 2019090300 from torrent is what I will call "trash" because the information on "event number," "limited," (limited/lock for the song) and "limited_cha" (limited/lock for Challenge Difficulty) are all deleted/not present. So I had to exclude this version from the comparison. I was left with only the 2020020300 and the one from @tw3nz0r. Anyway, here it is: File Comparison musicdb Findings: The 2020020300 has 902 songs vs. 877 songs of 2019090300. The difference is 25 songs. The 25 songs are the new A20 songs as well as "Gold Cab Exclusive" songs (latest set of songs are Hunny Bunny, Re: Generation, and Lachryma - these were the latest songs I played before the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in our area). You will see them as #N/A in the comparison simply because these songs don't exist in the 2019090300 data dump. Therefore, this difference is acceptable. There are 2 songs where the "Limited" flags are different. These are "Gold Cab Exclusive" songs, but can be made available in "White/Blue Cab" if you registered for the KAC (one of my friends has "The History of the Future" because he registered in KAC). This is probably why there is a difference in the numbers. There are 6 songs where the "Limited Challenge" flags are different. But this is because Challenge Charts for these 6 songs were released only recently (beyond 20190903), so this is also acceptable. There are 10 songs where the "Event Numbers" are different. Notice that 9 of them are the "Ichika 2019" event songs, so I'm not sure if the event number difference matters or not.
  13. Alrighty! I'll also see what I can do on my end and will update everyone.
  14. @One Eternal Ash @topet2k12001 Hi Friends, So I performed the file comparison again now that we have additional files provided I used hex editing app because normally these apps have a built-in file comparison feature). For the purpose of this discussion, when I said "pristine" 2019090300 I meant the torrent download shared by @Inuyasha11 a while back. Also for the purpose of this discussion/post I am comparing the files shared by @tw3nz0r Here are the results. gamemdx.dll shared is identical with a "pristine" 2019090300 version of gamemdx.dll arkmdxp3.dll shared is identical with a "pristine" 2019090300 version of arkmdxp3.dll. The version of @FeelTheXtasy is way different when you do a file comparison and it is the only version that allows Dan Course progress to be saved/preserved across games. arkmdxp4.dll shared is identical with a "pristine" 2019090300 version of arkmdxp4.dll startup.arc shared has the same number of songs with a "pristine" 2019090300 version of startup.arc. However: The version shared by @tw3nz0r has all the "lock" flags/tags are still intact where they should be. The startup.arc from the torrent download ("pristine" 2019090300) has all the "lock" flags/tags removed, that is why when you first play the game it is already "all songs unlocked." Therefore, the version of @tw3nz0r is what I will consider as the real "pristine" copy. Also following the above-mentioned file comparison results, we can logically say that gamemdx.dll is NOT the cause of the song lock/unlock situation that we specifically have (it is possible but it is not true for our case right now). It's really the startup.arc in this case. I can't say much about arkmdxp4.dll. The version of @FeelTheXtasy of this file is also way different (just like his arkmdxp3.dll), although I haven't tried using it since I already found out that it was his arkmdxp3.dll that is responsible for saving the progress of Dan Courses. EDIT: Here' s a screenshot of the comparison I did for startup.arc. Technically what I compared is the musicdb.xml file that is inside startup.arc. Left: the startup.arc from the 2019090300 torrent file. Right: the startup.arc shared by tw3nz0r. I already reviewed the files so what I'm sharing is just a sample. But as we can see here, all the lines of codes to indicate the "Event Number" (this is important if the song belongs to an "event" like for example Baby-Lon's Adventure or Grand Finale) as well as "LImited" (this tells whether the song is "locked" or not) are missing in the torrent version. If a "lock" flag/tag is deleted then it means the song will just be a regular stage song and not an "event" song. This explains why the 2019090300 dump is "All Songs Unlocked" when you play the game right from the start.